Winning Strategies

This page is a collection of member contributed tips on how to be successful in the Buxr deal contests

Where to get deals

Your Inbox! Subscribe to every popular store out there and the deals will come to you. Most of my posts (coupons) are straight from the inbox.

Your purchases! If you purchased a great deal, spread the word!

Here is a tip I use to find deals, by letting the deals find you. If you have a gmail account, every message you get is literally surrounded by ads. When you get a email offer or ad from a favorite store, look closely at the banner ad above the email and the ads to the right. You will often find a nugget there from a competing store or for a similar product. Click on the ad to check it out. If it's a good deal, post away!

What deals are hot

  • Free stuff is always hot! The more useful, the better. Free products are always better than free samples.
  • Plain old free is best. Free after rebate comes next, since you have to remember to send in your rebate and wait for your money. Free with a shipping cost?–check to see that the shipping cost isn't more than you would pay for the product. Free with purchase comes last, cause it's not as “free!”
  • Savings on new products are hot.
  • Savings of 20% or more on regular prices are hot.
  • Savings of 50% or more on clearance prices are hot.
  • Restaurant savings are hot.

What deals are not hot

As hardcore deal shoppers, many Buxr community members have seen a lot of deals come and go. There are some deals and category of deals that fail to ignite the imagination of the Buxr community. Perhaps it is some self-selecting mechanism within the community, or perhaps it is just a “group-think.” In any case, submissions as mentioned below tend not to attract much attention in the Buxr community. They may be fine deals, but you would not be able to tell by Buxr. If winning is your only goal, don't overdo it in these deals.

  • Watches Expensive watches with a suggested retail price of hundreds or thousands of dollars at savings of 70% or 80%. Prices will go from $800 to $500. maybe Buxr community members just prefer Timex and $10 watches to Invicta and Movado and Bulova.
  • Sunglasses same as watches. Just because they are a huge percentage off retail does not make them a great deal.
  • Jewelry Jewelry may be a little different, since most are not easily comparable one to another. Some think jewelry does not sell well online, since it needs to be seen in real light and in three-dimensions and in scale to hands and fingers and faces.

Promoting your deals

Negative votes

Everyone likes to be positive. Vote negative only when it is truly deserved.

If there is any funny business with a deal, vote it negative. Deals that are not fair, not universal, cost too much, benefit the poster or some other side partner, those all qualify as junk deals and should be voted negatively. Fortunately, the Buxr staff and community ferret out most of these before they hit the main page.

Is there a better price on the same product (including shipping)? Vote it down! But be sure to post or point to the better deal.

Is the product out of stock? DON'T vote it negative. It might have been a great deal that you were just too late on. Instead, flag it as dead.

Is the product a piece of junk? Vote it down, but tell us that you bought one why it is not worth the rest of the community buying one.

Do you want to vote a deal negatively because the poster voted down one of yours? Come on, we're not in third grade anymore. :-O

Do you honestly feel that it is not a good deal? Then vote it down, and say why! You can bet that the rest of the Buxr community will chime in and share their thoughts too!

Winning tactics

Retaliatory negging

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