Contests and Prizes

Sharing a shopping deal with your fiends can be a very rewarding experience. At Buxr we go one step further. We reward members that share the hottest deals with cash prizes. Buxr 'hot deal' contests are open to the US residents age 18 and older. This page describes in details how our contests work.

Daily Contests

Each member can submit a limited number of deals (10 deals by default) per 24 hour time period. We will award several members every day (depending the total amount of submissions and votes) a cash prize for submitting the top voted deal.

  • All deals submitted and approved by a moderator or Buxr member qualify for the contest.
  • Once a deal is on our deals page, Buxr community will be given 24 hours to vote on the quality of the deal
  • Buxr staff will then award prizes to the best deals based on the community votes.
  • In addition to vote totals, Buxr staff may also select “editors' choice” awards at their own discretion.
  • Winners of the Buxr deal submission contest will be posted daily on the Daily Contest winners board and also notified by email.
  • A member can win only one best deal of the day prize per day.
  • In addition to the daily prize, the winners will receive 20 points towards the current Monthly Contest.

Prize Amounts

  • We award a $10 prize for a top voted daily deal which is an online coupon, product, or sale.
  • We award a $5 prize for a top voted freebie, printable coupon/rebate or in-store only deal without a matching online offer.

We will add a $5 bonus to the daily prize of the winner who accumulates the most overall votes during the contest period. We may give out more than one prize per day. However, we only award one freebie prize because free offers do not make money for the site. In the context of daily contests, 'freebie' implies a product that has $0 (before rebate) price and might or might not have shipping charges.

Monthly Contests

The monthly contest winners are determined by a point system. The system was created in an attempt to reward members for participating in all aspects of Buxr. Whether it is submitting deals, voting on deals, leaving quality comments or starting great discussions. Below is a summary of how Buxr point system works.

The current point standings for the top 25 members can be found at the Monthly Contest page. This is also the place to go to check the current monthly prizes (click on “see the prizes” link). Members who gain the most points at the end of the month are awarded the prizes.

Note, as of July 2015 we have suspended monthly prizes. Visit this discussing for more reading on the topic.

Deals Point System

  1. Winning the daily best deal gives the submitter 20 points.
  2. Getting the daily worst deal costs the submitter 10 points.
  3. Positive vote on a daily best deal gives the voter 5 points.
  4. First negative vote on a daily worst deal gives 10 points, following votes give 5 points to the voters.
  5. Negative vote on a daily best deal or positive vote on a daily worst deal costs the voter 5 points.

Each member can submit a limited number of deals (10 by default) and make a number of deal votes (the current limit is 50) per 24 hour period.

While all members can receive points and win daily prizes with their deal submissions, only members with a total score of 250 points and 30 days tenure can give or receive points with their deal votes.

Comments & Topics Point System

Members can gain or lose points from other members voting up/down their comments or topics.

  1. Each positive vote gives the submitter 1 points.
  2. Each negative vote costs the submitter 1 point.

The topic/comment must be less than 1 day old to accumulate points. Only members with a total score of 250 points and 30 days tenure can give other members points. In order to prevent friendly voting and voting wars, only your first 5 votes in a 1 day period result in points when voting for any individual member.

Voting Point System

Members gain no points from voting up comments and topics. The number of discussion and comment votes a member can make is not limited.

Random Awards

What is a Random Award?

In order to spice things up a little, we added some extra awards that members gain with every 100 points that they earn. Every gain of 100 points will result in a new random award.

What kinds of Random Awards exist?

  • Vote Up - normally you can only vote for other member's deals, this award enables you to vote up one of your own deals. You can only use Vote Up award once to each of your deals
  • Contest Off - if you post a low value deal, you can use this award to remove it from the contest and by doing so avoid negative votes and the potential 'worst deal' title
  • Highlight - add special background to your deal so it can stand out from the others. Blue background 'costs' 1 Highlight award, Yellow background - 3 more Highlight awards.

What Random Awards do I have?

You can see the complete list of your random awards at “Contests → My Activity” page. The page will also list all your past awards and what deals you applied them to. Also, whenever your score reaches 100 mark, you will receive an email with information on the specific prize you received.

How do I use Random Awards?

To use a Random Award, go to your deal page and look for the buttons right under 'Share this Deal' link (see the screen-shot below). The numbers in the parenthesis indicate how many awards of each kind you have (if none shown then you only have one award of that kind)

Click on one of the buttons to apply the appropriate award. Note, you can only apply an award within 24 hours after your deal is published. Each award must be used within 30 days of the receipt, or it will expire.

Refer a Friend Contests

At Buxr it pays to bring your friends to the site. At the end of each month we will award $50 to each of the top 3 members by number of referrals (a minimum of 5 friends is required). Here are some details on how the contest works.

  1. Refer a friend with a Buxr referer link (see referral options below).
  2. Your friend signs up using the link.
  3. Your account is credited with a pending referral
  4. You must refer at least 5 friends during the contest month to qualify for a prize.
  5. At the end of the month, we tally eligible referrals and display the winners on the contest page.

"Good Friends" and "Bad Friends"

As you know, not all friends are created equal. ;-) The same rule applies at We consider your friend a “Good Friend” if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • Your friend is a US resident.
  • Your friend is a new Buxr member
  • Your friend does not live in the same household with you or another Buxr member

Pending friends are friends who have been referred but have not yet been verified by us to count as a contest referral. Any pending friends who do not meet the above requirements within the contest month, will become “Bad Friends.” These friends are NOT eligible for the contest credit. Referrals can also become “Bad Friends” if they are disqualified by moderators. We reserve the right to disqualify members/friends for attempting to tamper with the contest results.

Ways to invite friends

At Buxr we offer 3 easy ways to make “Good Friends”

  1. Send an email to a friend through a "Share this Deal" link available on each deal page (visible when you are signed in).
  2. Add a Buxr Badge or Text Link to your web page (Facebook, Blog, etc). You can get these from the Affiliate Referral page.
  3. Add the Buxr Widget to your website (you need to be a Buxr affiliate). The link in the already widget has your referral id.

Whenever your friend uses any of the ways above to sign up as a new Buxr member they will be counted as your referral. To find how many friends you or other members have referred in the current month go to the Refer a Friend Contest page. Click the ”+” sign next to the member stats to see more details.

Collecting Prize Payments

Your prizes are logged in the My Activity section of the Contests page. When your balance reaches $25, go to the Balance page and request a payment. We usually process payments on a weekly basis but in some cases it may take up to 30 days. Please contact us if you have not received your payment within 30 days or you have a question or dispute about a prize award.

W9 Requirement

If you make $600 in contest winnings during the year, IRS guidelines require us to send you 1099 at the end of the year. In order to comply with the regulations you must fill out and send us a W9 form. You will receive an email if/when your winnings go over $600.

Update for 2012: IRS has changed regulations in such a way that payments made via Paypal and gift cards have now been excluded from 1099-MISC reporting so in 2012 and going forward we will not be sending 1099 forms. You are still required by law to include your prizes as income in your tax return. You can find how much you earned in any given year on this page (you need to be signed into your Buxr account). More details are available in this discussion.

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