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Welcome to Buxr Wiki!

Buxr is a bargain sharing community website for the US shoppers. All of the deals on Buxr are shared, rated, and vetted by the community.


Getting Started - getting started with Buxr

How to contribute - how you can contribute to the community

Contests & Prizes - participate in the contests and earn prizes

Winning Strategies - learn from other members how to win

Rules & Guidelines - keep things civil, follow these rules

Shopping Topics

Free Kids Meals - restaurants offering free meals for kids

Birthday Freebies - having a birthday soon? here is some free stuff!

Coupon Tips - what are coupons and how to use them

Retail Bankruptcies - stores going out of business

Fake Freebie Sites - websites that offer questionable freebies

Gift Card Bonuses - list of restaurants and stores offering bonus gift cards during holiday season

Halloween Freebies - free stuff to help with organizing Halloween

Senior Discounts - list of companies offering discounts to seniors

Teacher Discounts - list of companies offering discounts to teachers

Student Discounts - list of companies offering discounts to students

Military Discounts - list of companies offering discounts to military

Free Prescription Drugs - list of retailers offering free prescription drugs

Sustainable & Ethical - retailers with good business practices

Beyond Shopping

Money Making Sites - a collection of various making money websites

Advanced Buxr

Hot Deals Widget - Have a blog? Make money with our widget!

Affiliate Program - Share deals and earn commission!

Power Users - Power Users are the core of Buxr community

Store Reps. - Own an online store? Join our Store Rep. program!

Administrative - notes for Buxr moderators (restricted page)

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