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Why the IPHONE 4S disappoints ...big time

submitted on October 5, 2011 by orangearrows in "Products / Gadgets"
They had 16 months to develop something new from the last phone release and all they came up with was :

1. A voice feature
2. More megapixels
3. Faster processor

That pretty much sums . I don't know why they even developed the FIND MY FRIENDS APP. There are millions of APPS out there which do the same thing.

Android phones are better in every single way specs wise. Only thing the IPHONE may be better is battery life but some may argue that it's because of a smaller screen. Previously they would stand out - this time - they tried to play catch up but still did not do enough.

The only way they will make up sales this time is
1. Due to a larger audience with SPRINT being added to the equation
2. People are not educated enough about the phones out there. My friend who has the Iphone 4G still thinks that it works on a 4G network and would argue you unto death on that topic.

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1. Were you disappointed with the Iphone 4S?
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  • No
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  • Huge disappointment
  • 17%
  • I don't give a hoot
  • 33%
    Total: 6 votes


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      7 1 1
      Posted by orangearrows on October 5, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      Engadget poll ( as of right now )

      iPhone 4S: are you buying one?I pledge allegiance to Cupertino and the Tim Cook for which it stands. 1733 (4.6%)
      Yes, now that it's on Sprint. 1216 (3.2%)
      Yes, the iPhone 4 design is great and I love the new CPU and camera! 5943 (15.6%)
      No, I want a larger screen / new design / one that mows my lawn. 4705 (12.4%)
      I'd rather stick anchovies in my ears. 3272 (8.6%)
      Psssh, I'm all about (Nexus) Primetime, baby. 8512 (22.4%)
      No, I'll wait for an iPhone 5 with LTE. 6540 (17.2%)
      No, it still doesn't blend. 2276 (6.0%)
      That's a toughie -- I just haven't made up my mind yet. 3812 (10.0%)
    • 127223
      Posted by YanBz on October 5, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      Apple will still do well because they have established such a terrific app marketplace. They certainly don't have to try as hard as some Android phone manufacturers
      • josetring
        Posted by josetring on October 5, 2011
        [reply] 1 0
        After today they will find it tougher. I am so sad
    • 127226
      Posted by josetring on October 5, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      If you used the new Galaxy s2 phone, your perception of androids willl change drastically
    • 127229
      Posted by YanBz on October 5, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      Could you add an answer to that poll - "I don't give a hoot" Mr Green

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