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What's the Sickest Thing You've Done to Save Money?

submitted on July 11, 2010 by webbyone2010 in "Member's Lounge"
I've gone through garbage to get coupons. What about you? See if you can top the contributors in the article:

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    Posted by mike13 on July 11, 2010
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    OMG those were some really nasty and gross ones. Especially #23, yuck
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    Posted by lootango on July 11, 2010
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    Those are awful! I'm glad to say I really can't top that.
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    Posted by mooncow728 on July 11, 2010
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    I moved out of my dad's when I was 16 and my hubby was 18. We were really broke but had no choice but to leave. We cut money every way we could.

    I bought ramen noodles when they were on sale 20 for a dollar and sometimes used the packet of seasoning in them. But got sick of that fast so I mixed them with anything I could find/afford. On nice nights hubby and I got those $1 cans of spaghetti sauce, or a slice of american cheese. Other than that we used ketchup, ranch dressing, cheese powder (YUCK) and many other things that failed.

    I'd buy hot dogs on sale and throw them in the crock pot with bbq sauce. (That's actually not too bad.) Anytime anything was on sale for a lot cheaper, I would borrow money and stock up on it and pile it wherever it would fit (we lived in a tiny efficiency).

    I know I probably did worse but it's been around 8 years now and I'm starting to forget finally. It was well worth it but I never want to be that broke again.
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    Posted by deathbynosleep on July 11, 2010
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    One time I was eating at a burger king. Some guy came in and walked directly to the condiment section, and filled up an entire bottle that he brought in with ketchup...then left. Did not order anything, just filled up his ketchup bottle, and walked out.
    • outcastplo313
      Posted by outcastplo313 on July 11, 2010
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      I couldn't even imagine seeing that Amused
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    Posted by DebsFreebies on July 11, 2010
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    I can remember those "broke" days, too. It wasn't so long ago that I would get Burger King receipts out of the trash so I could call in for the survey and get a code for a whopper. We'd go back to BK, get the whopper sliced in half, order water but fill the cup up with soda and ordered the $1 sized fries.
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    Posted by webbyone2010 on July 11, 2010
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    When I was in college, I did medical experiments to get food money.
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    Posted by gabyperu on July 12, 2010
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    Some people dive in the dumpsters for food and they are called freegans.
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    Posted by deby32953 on July 12, 2010
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    I still get up early on Mondays if there are $10/$15 Target/Walgreens/CVS perscription coupons to dive through recylings bins. During school days, I get my 11-yr old son, Noah, up early so I can check bins on way to school. He just sinks down in seat so noone sees him. I remember racing ahead of the recyling truck. 1 day we found $120 worth. We aint poor, hubby's an Engineer & I've retire./dis., but when you have to take 16 scripts a day for MS, you'd do it 2!!

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