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What features would you like to see on Buxr?

submitted on October 14, 2008 by Bionicle in "Buxr Website / Contests"
Ok, I restarted the thread here because the other one was getting to big.

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    Posted by Bionicle on October 14, 2008
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    I have a few ideas, like:

    1. It would be nice if people could choose when they would like to withdraw their money so that PayPal wouldn't take so much out of our winnings.

    2. You should be able to bold, italicize, and underline things in the forums and daily deals.

    3. It would be nice if you could edit deals after posting them, instead of deleting them and do it all over again.

    4. There should be more category's to post deals under than, "product, sale, and coupon" like "offer" ect.

    5. Also, more room to write description of the deal that your posting, maybe 2000 instead of 1000 characters.

    6. And more tags for your deals! It seems that I always get to post the deals that need the tags that's not there!

    7. One more thing, it would be nice if you vote for the deal of the day, you would get 25¢ or 50¢. Nothing big, but more people would start voting, and it wouldn't stop everyone from submitting deals to trying to get voting money either. It would be "balanced" Wink

    That's it for now, I'll tell you if I think of anything else! Wink
    • YanBz
      Posted by YanBz on October 14, 2008 [reply] 0 0
      I will go through your list question by question.

      1. We are not a bank and we can't hold your winnings forever. Wink We will consider adding a monthly payout option if there is enough interest from our members

      2. More advanced deal/topic/comment text formatting is in the plans.

      3. You can edit your deals for 1 hour after they are moderated. You can preview your deals before submitting them, or you can go back and re-edit them (if you have not submitted yet). Allowing you to re-edit your deal after you submit it will interfere with our moderation activities

      4. Not sure about that. More categories creates more chaos in my opinion... but we are open to suggestion if you have any specific categories in mind

      5. Long descriptions will move down comment and similar deals, something we don't want to happen. In fact we consider shortening the limit

      6. We keep adding tags all the time! I will start a forum topic for new tags where you can add your recommendations

      7. We have a better idea about voting. If everything goes as planned you will soon have a very good incentive to vote. Wink
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    Posted by Bionicle on October 14, 2008
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    One more. Let the deals go for 2 days instead of 1! That way more people could have a chance to see all the deals if they missed any that day.
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    Posted by Bionicle on October 14, 2008
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    When will your "idea" be coming out?

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