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What do you think about Buxr Wiki?

submitted on April 14, 2009 by YanBz in "Buxr Website / Contests"
It would be useful to have a place where we as a community could collectively gather and update information which has long term value.

Our forums are best fitted for shopping and site news. Our deals area is best for shopping deals. These however are things that come and go and we currently don't have any place for information that can be useful over a longer period of time.

Example? Earlier today chinnam posted a list of sites that offer "fake freebies". A few weeks back I started a thread listing retail bankruptcies. I think it would be great if we had a central place for these lists (and other similar documents) and if all of us could edit them.

So what do you think about Buxr Wiki? Would you be willing to contribute if we had one?

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    Posted by overaged on April 14, 2009 [reply] 1 1
    I think that's a good idea. Other sites have wiki's or forums with the same idea but called other things.

    The wiki could be updated to show the most current/relevant info.

    But it would need community participation to make it work.
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    Posted by Mafatio on April 14, 2009
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    How about BUXR Twitter?
    • YanBz
      Posted by YanBz on April 14, 2009
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      We have Twitter but we currently don't use it
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    Posted by gartley86 on April 14, 2009
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    Since it'd be pretty easy to implement, I say go for it. Even if it only gets limited use, it would at least be handy for the examples you mentioned, and probably a few more lists.
    • YanBz
      Posted by YanBz on April 14, 2009
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      Do you have any opinion on what (open source) wiki is best to use? I would like it to be completely integrated into the rest of the site so there will be some work with plugging it in (user accounts/search/cross navigation etc)
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    • gartley86
      Posted by gartley86 on April 15, 2009
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      Nah, no opinion really. I've used a couple, but never implemented any.

      I guess the level of integration that you mention would be a bit of work. Not sure why, but I envisioned a separate area of the site for the wiki, but your description makes a lot more sense. I mean, if nothing else Buxr would at least want account integration, otherwise it'd be a pain to use the wiki.

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