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Virtually Indestructible Wallet That Opens With Your Fingerprint

submitted on March 27, 2011 by mooncow728 in "Products / Gadgets"
Afraid someone might take something out of your wallet? If you have $825 to spend, fear no more. Dunhill is selling what it calls a “Biometric Wallet” that it claims is virtually indestructible and can only be opened with your fingerprint. Scared of someone taking the entire wallet? It can be linked to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and set to sound an alarm if your phone and wallet are separated by more than five meters (15 feet).
1. Would you pay $825 for this?
 Yes, great investment! At least no one could steal my money.
 No that's highway robbery! Who needs something so complex?
2. Do you think crime rates would go down if more people owned these?
 Maybe a little but I don't think much.
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    Posted by pablos17 on March 27, 2011
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    Something tells me that if a thief were still really desperate, they would cut your hand off as well to be able to get into the wallet. After all, to own one of these you must have some bank.
    • mooncow728
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      Posted by mooncow728 on March 27, 2011
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      That's true. But you gotta think a lot of times if your wallet is stolen it's a mugging where there are other people around. I doubt a thief would be able to cut your hand off that way. Another way is just losing it. How many times do people accidentally leave their wallets just laying somewhere. At least with something like this no one could get into it easily. You would have time to look for it before going through the hassle of canceling all your cards. It would make it that much harder for someone to steal your identity too. I would just be worried it would malfunction and then I wouldn't be able to open it lol.
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    • YanBz
      Posted by YanBz on March 27, 2011
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      I am sure a creative robber will find a way to quickly silence the thing. A hammer or boiling water could probably help. Mr Green
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    Posted by josetring on March 27, 2011
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    Prices will drop if these become popular
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    Posted by deathbynosleep on March 27, 2011
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    Rather have someone steal my wallet with 10 bucks in it...then be out over 800 on the wallet and the 10 bucks inside.
    • mooncow728
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      Posted by mooncow728 on March 27, 2011
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      Yeah I agree but some people like to carry all their credit cards along with them so this would be good for that. It would be very easy to have enough in credit lines to amount to more than this wallet. I think it's a neat idea as my husband is one of those people, but $825 is ridiculous.
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    Posted by YanBz on March 27, 2011
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    I would buy something like this if it was in a range of $50 or so. I agree with josetring that it will get cheaper if more people find it useful and sink their $$$ to get one
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    Posted by HouTex on March 27, 2011
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    Well, the Dunhill model is by far the best, made of indestructible carbon fiber. But what are Buxr friends for, if not to find you a better price? Mr Green

    Here's the same wallet for only $599 at and . Maybe if we wait, we can catch a sale or a coupon. Wink

    Here's an interior view, featuring a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

    and a video about it

    If you can live without the bluetooth connection to your mobile phone and you'll settle for fiberglass or polycarbonate, I can offer you a selection of biometric wallets from $299.95-$399.95 at .
    • orangearrows
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      Posted by orangearrows on March 28, 2011
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      I think the only deterrent here is the BT Alarm System. Apart from that - once the wallet is stolen - it can be opened - does not matter if it's biometric or not.
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    Posted by shawndiaz on March 29, 2011
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    If it is virtually indestructible, does this mean I will have to upgrade my pant's pockets to withstand the torture they are sure to receive? If the wallet is not soft, I will not sit down for fear of a pain in my a**. Big Grin

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