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Traditional Texting Slows As Instant Messaging becomes popular

submitted on June 13, 2011 by orangearrows in "Stores / Merchants"

While U.S. cellphone users sent and received more than 1 trillion texts in the second half of 2010, according to CTIA, a wireless industry trade group, that was just an 8.7% increase from the prior six months. It was the slimmest gain since texting exploded last decade.

Text traffic will come under more pressure in the months ahead. This week, Apple Inc. showed off an application that will allow iPhone and iPad owners to bypass carriers and send text messages over the Internet to other people with Apple devices.

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1. On your Phone do you ....?
  • TEXT
  • 80%
  • IM (Yahoo IM, TextFree , Kakao, WhatsApp, KIK, eBuddy, MSN etc.)
  • 20%
    Total: 5 votes


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      Posted by clover on June 13, 2011
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      Not by choice! I had to add a text plan to my phone because my friends were texting me and killing my phone bill! I still don't get it! It takes me longer to answer your question with a text than if you just called me!!!!!
      • orangearrows
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        Posted by orangearrows on June 13, 2011
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        Also text does not depend on DATA, IMs do. In case you are away from the city and DATA signal fades away TEXTS would still make it through but IMs are queued.
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      Posted by mooncow728 on June 13, 2011
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      I love texting for certain things. It comes in handy when my hubby is at work and I just wanna tell him something stupid or ask an unimportant question. I'm one of those people that forget things quick so it's handy to just text.

      Also I love it for having to deal with people that I don't want to talk to. A few family members will keep me on the phone for hours when I really never wanted to talk to them in the first place.

      I'm through the unlimited plan on Boost mobile though so I don't have to worry about minutes or texting so it's nice. I used to hate people who texted me when I was through ATT because it was so expensive. Not to mention those stupid chain/forward messages that tell you to send them to 500 people or your doomed for life haha.

      I can't see IMing taking off as well as texting but I've been wrong before. It's so much faster to just text then to log into a messenger on your phone. We'll see I guess.
      • josetring
        Posted by josetring on June 14, 2011
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        Well whatSapp is based off your phone number, so it's a little different than IM. Apps like textfree provide you with a US phone number, so you can text anyone without a texting plan. Does require a data plan though

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