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Top 4 Lies Men and Women Tell

submitted on December 8, 2010 by jack69darin in "Member's Lounge"
So when was the last time you lied--we're talking little lies here, not whoppers--to your lover? And don't even think of saying, "What? I never lie!" You do, too!

According to Dr. Phil McGraw, by the time they are 60 years old, men have told more than 100,000 lies and women have uttered some 50,000 untruths.

"It's interesting because men lie twice as much as women," Dr. Phil said. "On average, men lie six times a day. Women lie three times a day."

Why do we lie to each other? says men lie to keep a relationship healthy. "The trick is in knowing what she wants to hear, even if it means seriously stretching the truth," says relationship correspondent Matthew Fitzgerald.

Women lie to their man for several reasons, but primarily to protect his feelings or save her butt.

The top four lies women tell, according to Dr. Phil:

1. I'm fine. There's nothing wrong.

2. Oh, this isn't new! I've had this old thing forever.

3. Oh, this was cheap! I got it on sale.

4. I've got a headache.

The top four lies men tell, according to Dr. Phil:

1. I'm fine. There's nothing wrong.

2. This is my last drink.

3. No, that doesn't make you look fat.

4. Hey, I'm on the way! (But he's not even almost on the way.)

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    Posted by CouponNut on December 8, 2010
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    Agree with all the lies, but doubt 100,000 lies have been conjured up since most a just repetitive, even at the ripe age of 60!
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    Posted by pablos17 on December 8, 2010
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    I've used men's #3 more times than I can count. Especially now with my wife being pregnant.
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    Posted by outcastplo313 on December 8, 2010
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    Mens #4 lie, yeah i've heard that one a million times!!
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    Posted by lootango on December 8, 2010
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    As a woman, I use #2 and #3 A LOT!!!!! Big Grin
    • deby32953
      Posted by deby32953 on December 8, 2010
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      I wrote #2 and #4! Eeek
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    Posted by siggy38 on December 8, 2010
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    What about... I’ll call you tomorrow. Big Grin
    • deby32953
      Posted by deby32953 on December 8, 2010
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      Or I'll be right over and the man shows up 2 hours later. I really do believe men lie 2x as much. When my son went to work w/his dad once he came to me in shock saying, "Dad lies a lot at work about everything!" and proceeded to tell me all the lies he'd told!
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    Posted by deathbynosleep on December 8, 2010
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    Here's one I recently used.

    No, the bachelor party was boring.

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