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thoughts on voting

submitted on January 7, 2009 by phunkeey in "Buxr Website / Contests"
Here are a couple of suggestions to address issues concerning voting that are being discussed. Or these changes could just mix things up and add a little excitement to buxr!:

1. Voting and/or deal posting could be anonymous until the deal is no longer eligible for the contest. Currently only the monthly "pick the prize" vote is anonymous, but this could be expanded on an experimental basis. If the number of votes garnered by a deal were secret, I predict this would greatly change the types of deals that win. Currently, deals "pick up steam" as more and more people vote on them so as not to miss out on points. The result is sometimes not so great deals win.

2. The number of votes per member per day for contest eligible deals could be limited, say 1 for every 3 deals posted by all members each day. This would cut down on voting for everything just to get the points for the day and encourage much more selective voting. However, the eligible deals might have to be delayed by a day to be fair (so that everyone gets the same number of votes). But, this could be a good thing--by cutting down on people waiting until the last minute to log in and vote for the "clear winners."

3. Alternatively, in addition to the limited votes members could get "bonus votes", say 1 bonus vote for every 2-3 deals posted. This would encourage deal posting and thereby increase the primary value and purpose of the site which is to find great shopping deals.

We should not lose sight of the goal of buxr which is to become a premier destination for those in search of great deals that have been posted, edited, and vetted by a dedicated community of bargain hunters. In that case, we all win!

Your thoughts?

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    Posted by Solstice on January 7, 2009
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    These are all interesting ideas, and perhaps I will share my thoughts on them later.
    However, for now I prefer to remain silent and neutral regarding them until others have spoken.
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    Posted by YanBz on January 7, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    Thanks for the great feedback. Here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Open voting sparks conversation and encourages members to talk. Anonymous voting is boring. Also open voting enables us to do certain things that help shoppers identify hot deals early on (you will understand what I mean when you see the new redesigned home page)

    I understand that you want to open the votes after the contest is over but statistically half of the deals will be expired by then and any discussion on why the deal is hot or not will be pointless.

    2. Limiting number of votes based on number of deals a member submits will drastically cut participation by members who come to take part in discussions and votes. We want to attract everyone to Buxr, not only deal submitters. Also it may encourage submitting low quality deals - just to get available votes.

    We could limit votes to a constant number (say 5 per day) but then it would make things really complicated for voters. What if a great deal comes in at the end of the day and you really want to vote for it but you already used up all your votes?

    I am a believer that only dedicated members who are driven by the love of sharing deals will make Buxr a success. The prizes are just an icing on the cake. Also, I believe that over time we should be making more emphasis on monthly contest and by doing so reward loyal members

    As an advice to deal submitters I want to add that many members underestimate the power of promotion. Just a few sentences that add a personal touch to the deal can make a huge difference. Make your deal stand out, explain why it is hot, convince a couple power members and watch the votes roll! Smile
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    Posted by Bionicle on January 8, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    I wish BuxR would make it so that posting deals would be anonymous. That way there would be unbiased voting!

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