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thoughts on increasing membership

submitted on January 7, 2009 by phunkeey in "Buxr Website / Contests"
In my view the major road block to recruitment of new members is explaining what buxr is and why anyone should care. It literally takes 10-20 minutes to explain to someone what buxr is and how it works. I have three suggestions to help overcome this problem:

1. There needs to be a more simple and streamlined page explaining things. The most ideal would be a quick video or animated clip showing people. People are lazy and don't like to read. Entertain them with a funny clip, and they might pay attention.

2. There simply must be a "refer a friend" link that directs people to that aforementioned explanation. The current method of referring deals to people and then having them check out the site is not the best way. It is confusing, and people don't know where/how to sign up.

3. People need to see that this is for real and you can actually get paid. I suggest, a one time only small token payment to people so that they believe you that they can actually get money. It kind of sounds too good to be true as is. For example, new members could get $5 after they post their first 5 deals or after they vote for 10 deals or something. Or let them earn 25 cents per vote up to 5 bucks. Let them get that email saying "Come get your money" and see how many more people pay attention. This could be limited to the first 10 new members per month or something so we don't break the bank here, but my main point is people need to see that they can really get paid.

Your thoughts?

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    Posted by YanBz on January 7, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    I love the first idea. In fact we have discussed creating a movie clip with Mike a while ago. Lack of time (or money) is all that stops us. Sad

    I will try to put a "refer a friend" link somewhere prominently on the site. I agree it should be easily available. Sending a deal to a friend is not quite the same thing as inviting a friend to participate in bargain hunting.

    Regarding the idea #3, I agree we should encourage new members but I disagree it should be as easy as posting some deals. First, doing something like this would be unfair to existing members. Second, it could be confusing (why I got $5 after first 5 deals but not afterwards?). Third, and most importantly, it will be prone to abuse.

    Ultimately we want the new member to make at least some minimal effort and prove they are good. We don't want many average deals (which would have happened if we welcomed every new member with unconditional prizes). We would rather have fewer but hotter deals.

    The road to growing a site is not simple. I think the first idea in your list is the best. We should be doing a better job explaining how Buxr works. It would also help a lot to get on some popular news site with that story. Wink

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