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The Recycling of Deals Over 30 Days Old

submitted on November 10, 2008 by Solstice in "Buxr Website / Contests"
Let me propose a point of possible debate, only because I love the site. Imagine for a moment that any deal over 30 days old could now be recycled, which is how it currently stands, so no real imagination is needed. That means that an individual could go though every older deal, that is in no way new, and resubmit it.

This would have the effect of burying all the newer shorter-lived deals, which are often better anyway, under a landslide of deals that we have already seen, and it would only have added duplicated items to the site. So when your interested party comes to shop and uses the search engine, they could plausibly see multiples of the same deal 2-3 times. Is this useful to the shopper? Additionally, now instead of having those h*-hum deals all the way back at page ten, they have to dig through 10 pages to get to the good one they are looking for. Are we looking for lots of h*-hum deals, or the best the can be had?

I don't see any value added to site by allowing deals to be recycled if they were already on the site in the first place. I only suggest this argument for the benefit of the site, users, and shoppers, so please give me a good counter-argument to it.

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    Posted by YanBz on November 10, 2008
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    We don't see much value in recycling old deals either. Furthermore, since others possibly share our take on this we expect that very few recycled deals will ever win the contest.

    The deals that don't update for 30 days drop off the main site index and this fact made it possible for us to add the rule of allowing resubmission of old deals since there was some supports towards this in the past (mainly from OrangeArrows).

    Many things have changed ever since (e.g. we set the default sorting to "By Activity") and if you see a valuable old deal and want to bring everyone's attention to it we would rather prefer you to flag it as Alive Again (and so bump it up in the list).
    • Solstice
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      Posted by Solstice on November 10, 2008 [reply] 1 1
      Honestly Yan, I love that logic and site structure in general. Additionally, I think you have seen me bump deals back alive before, which I think is the best way to handle those situations.

      However, in preparation for the point regarding the unlikely possibility of a recycled deal winning a contest, I previously prepared a demonstration.

      (Old Deal)
      (Recycled Deal)

      I have actually been waiting for about a month to have this example ready before bringing up this debate. However, as can be plainly seen, a recycled deal has the possibility of winning, and in fact at least once has.

      What should have happened with that old deal, is that I should have kicked it back alive and noted the 20-Cent price drop, as it was hardly enough to justify resubmittal on my part. I acknowledge this was kind of sneaky, but I needed an example to illustrate my point. Hopefully, I will be forgiven for that treachery, and I hope its seen that I'm only trying to help make the site better, for both members and non-members with suggestions.

      By the way, both those deals are now expired as the price has gone up on them, and I will go and flag them for expiration.

      I like the idea of keeping the main site index restricted to a 30 day time frame, as a shopper can still find older deals by searching for them. This makes sense as often people go shopping for a particular item they have in mind, but then many others just pop in to see whats new out there.

      If you still want to keep things the way they are thats certainly a way to go. However, with that example in hand, I would like to suggest that recycled deals should be disqualified from the contest and made inactive when found, as I think prizes should be granted to new deal finds and not old ones that are still active. Those deals had their chance, but their day has already passed.

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