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Hot or Not?

The count as is stands currently today...

submitted on February 28, 2009 by Solstice in "Buxr Website / Contests"
Today has been amusing, so I thought I would share the current totals for all votes and deals posted since the turn of the new day, and on those new deals posted. (As of 9pm EST 02/28)

Votes Cast

Solstice = 3 Votes
KLPDM = 3 Votes
Equipurple = 2 Votes
Mr. Cheap = 1 Vote
TLOE = 1 Vote

Deals Posted

Jacwwt = 23 Deals
Arzkar = 12 Deals
KLPDM = 7 Deals
Solstice = 3 Deals
Vinhdnah = 3 Deals
Pmhssoccer04 = 3 Deals
Brunosmom = 2 Deals
VeggieMonkey = 2 Deals
Bnwsmile = 1 Deal
K-rock360 = 1 Deal

Apologies if I missed anyone.

Here is an idea... What if there were a system that kept track of this info for us, and would reset every 24 hours at the start of the new day. I would not mind knowing these kinds of stats.

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    Posted by YanBz on March 1, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve with publishing these stats?
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    Posted by MikeG on March 1, 2009
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    Interesting stats Solstice. Sometimes it's easy to get really involved submitting deals, and forget that you should also cast votes. I'm guessing some members think they have a better chance of winning by "flooding the system." While this obviously does improve your odds, it's been proven that voting for other members' deals increases the chances that they will vote for your own. The other side of the coin, is that voting for other deals also increasing your chances of winning the monthly contest. So by not voting for other members' deals, you are really leaving money on the table.

    I think that most members come around to this conclusion after spending some time on the site. It's just not obvious from a beginner's perspective.
    • Solstice
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      Posted by Solstice on March 1, 2009
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      Mike, you got where I was going with it. Wink
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    • kldpm
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      Posted by kldpm on March 1, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      That's true. But I think it will take sometime for any new member to get a feel for that. Early on I also didn't pay much attention to voting and the focus was on posting deals only. Steve pointed out that to me (thanks Steve) and after that I have been doing a better job at that.
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    • MikeG
      Posted by MikeG on March 2, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      Good point. I guess the question is what can we do to get that message to new members?

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