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Product vs Coupon Deals - what has more value?

submitted on March 22, 2010 by HouTex in "Buxr Website / Contests"
I noticed a comment by Solstice on one of the deals, that he felt (if I understand correctly) that a product with a coupon applied would have more value to him than just a general coupon posting. I'm putting the topic over here in discussions, rather than make a long thread under any particular deal.

I always thought a coupon alone appealed to more people because they could apply it to the item of their choice. But his comment made me give it more thought and I can see that perhaps showing a great savings on a particular item is appealing, too. So I guess the two kinds of deals are really about equal in value to me. Maybe the product deal would show effort on the part of the deal poster to apply the available discounts (sometimes stacking several codes) to put together a really good deal. What does everybody else think about that?

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    Posted by Solstice on March 22, 2010
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    As you noted, I'm not as easy to convince on straight coupons as I am actual products. Unfortunately, that means if a user submits primarily coupons, they may not see nearly as much voting love from me in particular, but there are a good deal of members who seem to trip and fall over coupons.

    My viewpoint is complicated and possibly slightly cynical.

    1. I've been here a really long time, and I've seen the typical discount coupons come and go on a weekly basis. A good example are Borders coupons. Unless its at least 30% Off I'm unlikely to vote for it.

    2. I'm unlikely to impressed or buy something on a site because of a discount coupon, unless its a really hot coupon and there has been something I've been debating getting. However, if you show me a really good discounted price on something, which is usually more than could be achieved with any coupon, then I'm more likely to be impressed and possibly purchase it. I find single item product discounts are almost always better than a coupon discount in terms of amount saved.

    I perceive it as being harder and more time consuming to find and post products as opposed to coupons. You have to search a little harder for good product deals, instead of just swinging by some other coupon site and nicking a few codes off of it quick like. I could do that by myself without Buxr, but the "diamond in the ruff" product offer I may not see otherwise. Perceiving them as also being more work and on the part of the poster, I prefer to give those more support overall.

    Usually the only time I post coupons are if I think they are in the really hot range, which typically means at least 30% off or applicable to technology, grocery based, or in some unique way really handy.

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