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Posting coupons you receive via email

submitted on July 17, 2009 by YanBz in "Member's Lounge"
A member recently sent us this question about submitting coupons received via email:

please help me submit this deal. I received a coupon code for $10 off at Coldwater Creek in my e-mail. I don't know how to submit this offer to BUXR. thanks, Carol

I am sure many of you have done it in the past not once. Please share your tips. What is the best way to submit a coupon you receive from a store via a newsletter? What some of the tricks you might have to know?

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    Posted by steve_05 on July 17, 2009
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    I can't remember exactly but..... There should be a spot that says "view this message online" or "read full view" something like that. Then the page should open in a diff window. Next, check the new web address that pulled up and make sure you erase your personal email address from the new link.. Does this make sense??
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      Posted by TheBest on July 18, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      I am doing same way ,just make sure web address is still working after removing your email address.
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    Posted by overaged on July 17, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    usually when i get a coupon in email i take a screen shot of it then paste it in "paint" then i narrow the attributes on all sides and then save it to my desktop and from there upload it to buxr and change the tab from url to file so it can upload.
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    Posted by Solstice on July 18, 2009
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    Be wary of screenshots, as often they cause a loss in image quality of the image being captured, and thereby a loss in print quality as well. The key thing to look for is the upc and whether it looks like it will print clearly and be able to be scanned. Its always best to extract the actual image or pdf itself.
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    Posted by acidreign on July 18, 2009
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    yeah, what Steve_05 said is what I usually do. I click to the spot where it says "Can't see the images in this email? view web page." and it'll take you to a web page of your email but it's not personalized with your name and email address. Just double check the URL to make sure your email address isn't on it.
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    Posted by MrCheap on July 19, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    Here is a cool tool that will create an image file out of any URL you give to it:

    Just add your URL at the end of the link like this (this one is for Google):

    Then click on 'Save to Desktop' button at the top left
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    Posted by overaged on July 19, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    this looks neat mr cheap. will have to test it out.

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