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Pay-by-weight airfare, fair or unfair? (Poll)

submitted on April 12, 2013 by YanBz in "Stores / Merchants"
Heard this on the news the other day and made me shake my head first but the more I thought about it the more it appeared to make sense for such industry as air travel. I think this is the way to go and I can foresee (at least some) airlines in the US adopting this in the future.

A national airline at the island nation of Samoa is introducing pay by weight airfares:

We at Samoa Air are keeping airfares fair, by charging our passengers only for what they weigh," the airline says on its . "You are the master of your Air'fair,' you decide how much (or little) your ticket will cost. No more exorbitant excess baggage fees, or being charged for baggage you may not carry. Your weight plus your baggage items, is what you pay for. Simple.

More coverage here:
1. Is pay-by-weight airfare fair?
2. Do you think US airlines will adopt it?
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    Posted by mooncow728 on April 12, 2013
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    I definitely think this is fair. It makes a ton of sense. If you don't take a whole arsenal with you then why should you have to pay for it? Forgive me if any offense is taken on this but I can not think of a polite way to say it. Fat people take up more room in those itty bitty seats and should be charged more for it. Especially when the person should have had to pay for 2 seats because they are hanging over. If it works like that then it would be even better.

    I should mention that by no means am I a skinny person either. I am plus sized so it is not a matter of cheaper rates for me. Typically I don't pack light either so this route would probably cost me an arm and a leg more but it does seem fair. If you don't want to pay it then figure out another form of transportation!

    I doubt the US will ever adopt such a thing because it would start so much controversy. Fat people would think they were a target and blame skinny people. Tall people would complain that they aren't fat but have more height so why should they get charged more if they don't take up more usable room and so forth. Not to mention all the people that would refuse to get on the scale because they didn't want anyone to see that number. I think it would be too much of a headache for our country.
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    Posted by clover on April 13, 2013 [reply] 0 0
    Fair. Pack light and enjoy life Cool

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