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Making Descriptions/Completeness a Submission Requirement

submitted on April 3, 2009 by Solstice in "Buxr Website / Contests"
I think it might be a good idea to start making descriptions a requirement for deal submission.
Just an offhand thought, as deals on this site without them look bad from a casual user standpoint.
Additionally, its usually just laziness or haste on the part of the submitter when they are left out.

It seems like some of our members put deals into the moderation queue with little regard for their submission quality or accuracy, and then simply let others fix the issues for them. Perhaps if a deal is seriously lacking in one of those areas it should be rejected as "incomplete". This would reduce the amount of fixes that deals require over time, as well as be more fair to those who take their time with submissions.

Granted newbies need some time to get use to the system, but this usually occurs within the first few days, and yet I see the same problems persisting long afterwards with some members.

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    Posted by YanBz on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    Did anyone tell you that you are a mind reader? Wink

    I have rejected several deals with no description and image today (in addition to the numerous other submissions I fixed) and the same thoughts went through my head... If you want to participate in the contests - please make a sufficient effort in regards to the accuracy of your deals.

    I hope it is not asking too much...
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    Posted by equipurple on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    Have to agree here. No descriptions are the worst, but shipping costs are often available at the expense of one or two more clicks; comparative data is easy enough to do (could use a little UI improvement on this one, though guys).
    • MikeG
      Posted by MikeG on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      Equipurple, thanks for the feedback. What would specifically improve about the UI?
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    • equipurple
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      Posted by equipurple on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      The copy button is not intuitive. Add a description to "copy deal title into search box."
      Place copy button to left of search text area or above it, not to the right of the search button (I wouldn't put it in between the search box and the search button).
      Also a hint, something like "the simpler the description you search for, the more likely you are to find the product."
      And a "click on the most appropriate comparative listing" next to the results box.
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    • equipurple
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      Posted by equipurple on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      Sorry, thought more after I posted....

      Add an instruction line with the copy button. Click COPY to copy the deal title into the search box, or just type in the description.

      The rest remains.
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    Posted by overaged on April 3, 2009
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    I've tried to get price comparisons on some of the deals I submit but price grabber doesn't pick them up. A lot of times before i submit a deal I'll check the prices elsewhere before I submit but the price comparisons don't show up.

    I've read other people complaining about price grabbers innacuracy, maybe we need a new way to compare prices such as google or
    • YanBz
      Posted by YanBz on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      If you submit a product, try searching by the model number - works in most of the cases. For example if you have "Jabra BT5010 Bluetooth Headset", try searching "BT5010" or "Jabra BT5010"
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    Posted by deathbynosleep on April 3, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    I don't normally add descriptions. Most of the time, I feel as though the title of the deal and a picture is sufficient enough.

    If the deal requires some extra the old navy one that is up now, that's another story.
    • equipurple
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      Posted by equipurple on April 4, 2009 [reply] 0 0
      I think most users would disagree. A good title and picture are a start. A good description helps decide whether or not to keep clicking through.

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