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submitted on November 18, 2010 by Mama545 in "Stores / Merchants"
Shasta County D.A. Files Lawsuit Against

A Northstate shopper's complaint against internet retailer has led to a $15 million lawsuit filed by Shasta County District Attorney in Alameda County Wednesday.

The lawsuit filed by Shasta County District Attorney Jerry Benito and District Attorneys from six other California counties accuses of intentionally misleading online customers and seeks an injunction against the retailer.

The lawsuit claims Overstock "routinely and systematically" made untrue and misleading claims about the prices of its products.

According to the Shasta County shopper cited in the lawsuit, Overstock had a patio set advertised for $449.00 with a "List Price" of $999.99. The purchase arrived with a WalMart sticker showing the price to be $247.00. The shopper alerted the D.A.'s Office and an investigation was launched.

Read the full article here:

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    Posted by mommy25 on November 18, 2010
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    Interesting news to come out right before holiday shopping!!
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    Posted by lootango on November 18, 2010
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    That is horrible. Bad!
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    Posted by midget on November 18, 2010
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    I'm always wary of the prices shown before a discount. That's why you always need to "shop around" and do some homework before you lay down hundreds of dollars for something.
  • 87905
    Posted by Mama545 on November 18, 2010
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    Compare prices before you buy is definitely key!
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    Posted by mooncow728 on November 18, 2010
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    So many websites are guilty of this. Look at all the daily deal sites. I don't know how many times I've seen gaming equipment on them that the "retail" price is much higher than the MSRP. When it comes to those items, stores generally always sell them at the MSRP so saying they retail more is a joke. Kinda surprises me that someone could even sue over something like this.
    • HouTex
      Posted by HouTex on November 18, 2010
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      I'm surprised that more people don't sue them. Eeek Businesses are breaking the law when they advertise false or inflated "regular" prices that mislead customers into thinking they are receiving a discount.

      The Federal Trade Commission publishes guidelines, and states enact consumer protection laws to prevent this.

      Consumers' Right to Sue for False and Deceptive Advertising
      Consumers often have the right to sue advertisers under state consumer protection laws. For example, someone who buys a product relying on a deceptive ad might sue in small claims court for a refund or join others (sometimes tens of thousands of others) to sue for a huge sum in another court.
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    Posted by sareece on November 19, 2010
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    I have never bought from because I tend to think that the prices are ridiculously high for meager items. I would be irate if that was me and I got some Walmart stuff... whew!

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