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Infinite USB Plug

submitted on March 22, 2010 by orangearrows in "Products / Gadgets"

Running Out Of USB Ports?

One of the limitations on notebooks is the lack of USB ports in proportion to the number of devices we would like to hook up. An easy remedy these days is the USB Hub, but YD won’t be YD if we showcased run-of-the-mill solutions! So here’s the Infinite USB – an alternative plug on devices that kinda acts like a tag team. The design speaks for itself, so no point elaborating, however what we can do is talk about its effectiveness and limitations. For starters I don’t think we may be able to tag too many devices one behind the other. I reckon max 3 or 4 before the tag starts to look awkward, but the color coding on plugs will make it easy to identify which plug belongs to which device.

What do you think?

Designer: Gonglue Jiang


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    Posted by Solstice on March 22, 2010
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    If nothing else, there would be a limitation on the power that could be supplied by the initial USB port, which would also be dependent on the devices being used and whether they have independent power supplies as well. Otherwise it seems a rather good design, as this is also true of any USB hub.

    Also, I would not want to go over more than 2-3 stacked, as you could run into a weight issue straining the USB port. Replacing a USB port is not an easy fix on a laptop.
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    Posted by YanBz on March 22, 2010
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    there would be a limitation on the power that could be supplied by the initial USB port

    Right, this is why they make powered USB hubs usb hub
    • orangearrows
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      Posted by orangearrows on March 22, 2010
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      I agree to both of you - but it's a start ....with a few design mods I am sure it will turn into a "USB HUB KILLER " Twisted

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