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How Paying More Can Save Money ($50 Giveaway)

submitted on July 16, 2012 by YanBz in "Member's Lounge"
There is a Russian saying that goes like this: the greedy man pays twice. We are all about saving money here at Buxr, however buying the cheapest stuff can easily end up costing your more down the road, which is what the saying implies.

Our latest blog post lists 20 things that we are willing to pay more for just to avoid bigger costs later:

What is in your list? Please take the poll and share your thoughts in the comments for a chance to win a $50 cash prize.

Registered Buxr members only (registration is free). One entry per member. US participants only. Contest closes July 23, 2012. The winner will be randomly selected and announced in the comments below on July 24.

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1. I will pay more for...
  • Electronics
  • 58%
  • Home/garden tools
  • 6%
  • Home appliances
  • 64%
  • Cookware
  • 24%
  • Furniture
  • 45%
  • Pet care
  • 24%
  • Clothing
  • 15%
  • Groceries/food
  • 27%
  • Computer/smart phone
  • 36%
  • Travel/vacation
  • 21%
    Total: 33 votes


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    • 155875
      Posted by annelaura04 on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 3 0
      I think it's so worth spending your money on a quality vacation. We spent a month of my paychecks on a vacation last year going on a cruise for Christmas, and I wouldn't trade that at all! I work freelance jobs and clip coupons all year round, so I think we deserve a break!
    • 155885
      4 1 1
      Posted by acidreign on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      I can vouch for spending more money on computer/ electronics. Last Christmas, I wanted to get a tablet, and got one that was an "off brand". I hated it and really regretted trying to save $200 and not get an ipad. Good thing though was that I bought it from J&R and they had a great return policy and took it back after it was opened, no questions asked. I was able to get a full refund and got an 1st generation iPad, which I love.
      • mooncow728
        1 1
        12 6 1
        Posted by mooncow728 on July 16, 2012
        [reply] 2 0
        I hear you there! I bought an "Android" tablet that I saw as a deal here on Buxr from DinoDirect and it was junk. I spent $100 on it and it didn't even run legit android so therefore marketplace wouldn't even work. I couldn't even get a refund. A few months later we bought the iPad 1 and I couldn't be happier with it. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money in the first place and just saved like I normally do. Oh well you have to learn somehow. Glad to hear you at least got a refund!
    • 155887
      Posted by gratheeus on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 3 0
      This is a great list. I especially agree with spending more money on furniture. Cheap furniture rarely withstands normal wear and tear. Especially if you have children and pets. Not to mention that cheaper furniture is usually not as comfortable as higher-quality furniture.
    • 155892
      Posted by reddart on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 3 0
      I've finally learned my lesson about buying "cheap". I own a dishwasher and washing machine that I hate- the cheapest models available. I just need to shop for these things without my husband as he usually talks me into the least expensive models!
      I'm buying more organic foods now and find the flavor and quality is superior besides being healthier.
      I also check out Consumer Research online before buying many items. Always check out the buyers reviews on many websites before purchasing big-ticket items, too.
    • 155895
      Posted by fleurette on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 5 0
      Food--I'll spend extra for organic produce, but I limit my organic purchases to EWG's dirty dozen--those 12 fruits & veggies which have the most pesticide residue.

      Sunscreen--it's worth spending more to get effective protection from the sun. Again, I go to EWG for a list of the best sunscreens w/o harmful ingredients. Most of the winners are available online but not at local stores.

      Laundry detergent--I'd rather buy top-rated Tide (w/coupons) than cheaper alternatives which don't remove stains effectively. In the long run, I save by purchasing less clothing.

      Haircuts--if you're a female and you have nice (thick) hair, it's worth spending a bit more for a decent hairstyle, but if you're like me, with just a few thin, horrible strands, it's not worth paying a cent more than necessary because not even the best styling can really enhance crappy hair.

      Travel insurance--if you're planning on leaving the country, it's important to have coverage for trip interruption and/or to be airlifted back to the US in case of medical emergency.
    • 155902
      10 5 1
      Posted by DebsFreebies on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      My tops would be electronics, shoes and appliances.
    • 155904
      Posted by shawndiaz on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 3 0
      As far as the extra cash to splurge, my number 1 would be electronics. No matter how many times I have seen or heard of friends buying refurbished items (me included) they have always wished they would have spent the extra to buy "brand new" items. This way, you can actually get a replacement item or even speak with a representative from the manufacturer for a resolution. Not only do you get a full warranty with new items, it by far surpasses the 90-day warranty that most refurbished items give out.
    • 155919
      2 1
      12 8 1
      Posted by sandyshore on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      I like this topic, glad to see other's views and some feedback happening. I'm not looking to be part of the contest, please. I'm just happy to see the comments and wanted to express my appreciation for the topic.
    • 155936
      3 1 6
      11 9 2
      Posted by psplove on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      First choose for me is electronics. People's can't living without electronics. Then Couputer and Smart Phone.
    • 155944
      6 3 4
      10 9 2
      Posted by bemicmom on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      My personal choice is Clothes. I can spend more on quality of clothes.
      It's worth buying branded, when you wear it you actually feel the quality, fineness, shine and above all you feel confident.
      Then I spend on good quality of home appliance which are for everyday use.

      Smartphone and electronics comes next.
      I would bargain with vacation deals. Try to find out deals where I spend less and enjoy more with family.

      I go with fleurette, too believe in best brand of washing detergent like tide.
    • 155954
      1 1
      12 6 1
      Posted by mooncow728 on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      My husband and I have always tried to not buy something until we can afford what we actually want. Occasionally we have to buy a cheaper alternative for a temporary item but rather than upgrading many times over the years, we just get want we want to begin with. There have been numerous times that our furniture or appliances or what have you have been freebies from craigslist that we hate but we get what we want in the end. Of course this theory doesn't work with electronics since new models of things come out so frequently but it works on nearly everything else. We've been together almost 10 years now and we have really nice things and now even just bought a house (we're 25 & 26 and don't have good jobs) so this is something that shocks most people. They just don't get it. It all comes back to waiting, and saving and wow does it feel good in the end and we save a ton of money not having or wanting to upgrade things all the time.
    • 155956
      Posted by jlafount on July 16, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      I spend more money on electronics. It is a passion for me and I trust a big manufacturer to make more reliable products
    • 155957
      23 14 8
      12 10 2
      Posted by CouponNut on July 17, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      Electronics is the first item on our household list. I spend hours researching for the right item to make sure its not outdated and does what we need it to do. As far as appliances, doubtful we will be replacing any since our homeowner's warranty takes care of all that.
    • 155963
      Posted by Best4Less on July 17, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      Home appliances are #1 for me because I don't need any of that breaking down...then #2 furniture (same reason as #1)...and then #3 electronics (same reason as #1 &
    • 155976
      11 8 1
      Posted by equipurple on July 17, 2012
      [reply] 3 0
      Your blog post is very complex, but I think there are way too many shades of grey. There is no definition of "quality." There is an underlying assumption that low cost=low quality and that high cost or brand name=high quality. (I think most of us would disagree with that on its face.) We each have metrics in our mind of judging that equation about price versus length of use or quality (again whatever that means). Additionally, we as consumers are manipulated by manufacturers and marketers into redefining quality at the store shelf level.
      Thanks for the interesting blog post. I hope to have more time to devour it and respond.
    • 155982
      2 4 6
      10 8 2
      Posted by pablos17 on July 17, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      I used to cringe when I paid top dollar for dress clothing for work, but in the long run it's paid off because I've had some dress shirts last more than 10 years.
    • 155996
      7 1 1
      Posted by deathbynosleep on July 17, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      I've had good luck with cheap electronics. My $20 dvd player has outlasted all of my other dvd players. I will pay more money for good food and healthy treats for my puppy. Vacations are another thing I spend a lot on. Every other year my entire family(parents, inlaws sisters nephews etc.) and a few really close friends all go to an island for a week of non stop eating,drinking, and relaxing.
    • 156030
      1 6 2
      11 4 1
      Posted by Solstice on July 17, 2012
      [reply] 3 0
      Pet Care. To put it bluntly... Cheap Food/Care = Less Lifespan!

      I love my dog way too much. She gets insurance, annual checkups, and the good food at $55 per bag.

      Why would I treat my pet worse than I treat myself?
    • 156055
      11 2 1
      Posted by bkchavez on July 18, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      It's true - "you get what you pay for", especially household cleaners (as mentioned on the list.) I was being "cheap" and bought store brands, but they never work as well as the national brands. You end up using more to get the same job done, so it's not worth it in the end.
    • 156058
      12 8 1
      Posted by Goofy_Girl on July 18, 2012
      [reply] 5 0
      1) COSMETICS: The #1 thing I can think of that affects my life on a daily basis is makeup, particularly nailpolish. I used to always but the "cheaper" $1-$1.99 brands like: Wet N' Wild, Sinful, & Dollar Store junk.
      Then I'd wonder why my nail polish would start coming off the very next day!

      Well, that was until one day I was in the store and saw the most gorgeous shade of metallic gold in a brand I had never tried: Orly.

      I got sticker shock when I saw the price-it was about $8. I bought it anyway though, because I remember hearing about how it doesn't chip and lasts a long time & I was sick of having to give myself a manicure every other day.

      The first time I used it, I noticed a HUGE difference! First of all, it is highly-pigmented. I could get away with JUST ONE nice coat if I wanted to. However, I followed the directions and put a second coat on anyway. It dried super-fast & felt bullet-proof. A week later, my nails were still perfect, not a single chip, amazing!

      I think I found my new brand of nailpolish. Smile

      Same goes with other forms of makeup. I could go on and on.... Smile


      2) HAIR COLORIST: There are places you can go to and get a pretty good inexpensive haircut, but it's NOT the same with color, especially bleach. And you DON'T want to mess around with bleach at home yourself in an effort to save money.

      I have naturally dark-brown hair that is bleached (not dyed) a very light blonde color. I cannot do my own roots because of "overlapping" which you don't have to worry about as much with dye, but you absolutely cannot let happen with bleach. In other words, the colorist has to apply the bleach ONLY to the hair that has grown in (in my case, just the dark brown areas) without touching (or just barely) the blonde area that has already been bleached previously.

      Sounds almost impossible, but it isn't for a very skilled, well-trained colorist with many years of experience.

      Trust me, you do not want to attempt to do this yourself to try & save money.

      About a decade or so ago I did just that. I accidenally overlapped the bleach, parts of my hair turned white, & about half my hair fell out in the shower. I then had to cut most of my hair down to about 3 inches long & start growing it out all over again. SO NOT WORTH IT! It took me about 5 years to get it to the long length I wanted again.


      3) Speaking of hair, some cheap hair appliances I've purchased haven't worked as well as the products I had to replace them with.

      For example, a couple of years ago I wanted The In-styler, but I didn't want to pay $100 for it. So, I bought a knock-off: The Paris Hilton Celebrity-Styler for 39.99. What a piece of junk! The barrel was small, short, and it did not work at all like The In-Styler, which I then gave in and purchased after that.

      Also, there are reasons why CHI flat-irons are $100+. I could go on and on.... Smile


      I would NEVER buy a refurbished item that has a re-chargeable battery.

      And I would buy a battery-free refurbished item that cost more than about $300 ONLY if I was able to also get a store coverage plan with it, not just a 90-day warranty.

      About a month or so ago I bought a portable air conditioner for one room that always seems to be too warm. I figured...I'll buy the cheapest model, brand, least BTU because it's just for one room. Stupid. When I set it up & ran it for a few days, it would not go below 78/79 degrees in that room no matter how low I set the temperature.

      Luckily, when I talked to the guy from where I bought it (HHGREG) over the phone, he informed me that they were having a sale & they had a more powerful 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner (which was also a combo heater I could use in the winter) for only $67 more than I paid for this one. And since it was within 30 days, I could just do an exchange with no extra re-stocking fees or anything. Just pay the $67 difference.

      I also bought the 5-year extra store coverage plan after I found out that the air conditioners come with only a full 1-year warranty and then a "certain parts-only & I pay for labor which could far exceed the cost of the parts" 5-year manufacturer's extension to the 1-year full warranty.

      With HHGREG's plan, I simply pay an extra $99.99 for 5 years coverage & if anything happens, I simply bring it in & get a new one from their store right away. Quick exchange. Sooo much easier than dealing with the manufacturer's warranties.

      Some people think an extra $100 is ridiculous to pay (one of my friends thought so) until I divided it up for him. $100 for 5 years is only $20 a year or about $1.67 a month.

      Yes, I'm willing to pay $1.67 a month for piece of mind. Smile


      5) ORGANIC PRODUCE: This has already been mentioned, but I'll say it too. I do buy organic oroduce as much as I can whenever organic is reasonably priced & available. I also use Fit Wash to clean all produce.
      However, I noticed it's just about impossible to get the wax & stuff off of apples, so I always buy organic bags of apples, no matter what the cost.


      6) UNDERWEAR & TOWELS: This isn't really my tip, it came from a friend. We just happened to be talking about what we spend more/less on. When she said she spends more on quality underwear & towels, I first thought that was weird. Then she asked, "Well, what do you wash the most when you do laundry?" And I thought, "You're right, makes sense, lol." Smile
    • 156094
      1 6 7
      12 11 2
      Posted by clover on July 18, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      I will always buy the highest quality food for my pets even if I am running low on funds for the month.
    • 156135
      11 9 1
      Posted by lootango on July 18, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      I will pay more for food for my family so that I know it's not injected with tons of hormones or whatever other adders found in there nowadays. As far as quality and getting the most for my money, I've really learned to pay a little more for clothing/shoes and they last way longer.
    • 156245
      2 2
      8 4 1
      Posted by pravallika on July 19, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      I will pay more for food,Home maintenance ,Electronics,cookware and knives.I will use coupons for costly products and will not compromise and purchasecheap products..
    • 156363
      4 1
      Posted by ipurcure4u on July 21, 2012
      [reply] 2 0
      I will pay more for air conditioners, appliances that have higher srrs or energy efficiency ratings. Because my 7.1 heat pump is a joke. A friend bought central air with 17srrs. Within 3 years the savings will pay for her upgrade.
    • 156423
      7 1 1
      Posted by mike13 on July 21, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      Honestly, I'd go the extra mile to buy an official car and its additional features. Whats 30 bucks extra a month on a lease that's includes GPS and Bluetooth? I'd rather have that then stick an electronic to my windshield leaving stains with wires hanging everywhere and having to take it off and hide it for people not to break in and steal it(which has happened to a few people in my area). So whats the moral of the quote? DON'T BE THE GREEDY MAN LOL. Take that extra step to save yourself time and $$$ !
    • 156461
      Posted by calidreamin87 on July 22, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      I'll pay more for things like clothing and furniture because I want them to last.
    • 156462
      1 1 2
      11 8 2
      Posted by laaya on July 22, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      I'll pay more on my car and like to keep clean well conditioned and for small get together kind of parties
    • 156467
      3 9
      10 9 2
      Posted by anand on July 22, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      Home appliances are #1 for me followed by Electronics, Computer
    • 156471
      12 8 1
      Posted by Goofy_Girl on July 22, 2012 [reply] 0 0
      Ah, I forgot about furniture, calidreamin87. I'm never buying cheapo furniture again, particularly living room furniture like sofas & chairs that get used the most.

      It's not a good idea to have cheap, not-very-well-made living room furniture when you have a lot of heavy friends, lol. Smile
    • 156560
      Posted by YanBz on July 24, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      I just ran the random number generator at and the winner is ecollins86 who was #17 to take the poll.

      My personal top two items on the list are groceries and electronics. I don't have pets, but if I did then pet food would be at the top as well.

      Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!
    • 156569
      12 8 1
      Posted by Goofy_Girl on July 24, 2012
      [reply] 1 0
      Congrats ecollins86 ! Smile

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