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Golf Carts- Going to the extreme!

submitted on August 1, 2011 by shawndiaz in "Products / Gadgets"
I like to drive golf carts and now that they have approved them to be on the roads in our town, I might just get one to alleviate the gas prices of a regular car. But, that aside I like custom ones, and really enjoy seeing what they can become. The prices of these are well past my budget, but I like to look at them. Now drool all you want:

My personal favorite (love the wooden bed liner):

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    Posted by pablos17 on August 1, 2011 [reply] 0 0
    Very cool. Looks to be much more fun to drive than the boring old carts.
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    Posted by orangearrows on August 1, 2011
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    Posted by clover on August 1, 2011
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    That is awesome! Where do you live that you can drive them on the roads in your town? I wish we could do that here!
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    Posted by HouTex on August 1, 2011
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    You probably can, you will just have to check your local requirements and modify the cart accordingly to add bumpers, lights, mirrors, a windshield, etc. Back in 2009, many people realized that the wording of a proposed tax credit to stimulate the purchase of electric cars could be applied to what amounted to a "street-legal golf cart." (How to - )

    Part of the economic stimulus legislation passed in late 2008 and early 2009 created two new tax credits for electric vehicles. One was for "four-wheel, low-speed, plug-in electric drive vehicles."

    The Internal Revenue Service defined qualifying vehicles as, well, street-legal golf carts.

    The amazing thing about this tax credit is that for that one year (2009) it covered 100% of the purchase price of the vehicle, up to $15,000. And there were no income limits on taxpayers claiming it.

    All you had to do to claim the credit was to buy and take title to a qualifying “neighborhood electric vehicle” by Dec. 31, 2009. You also had to owe enough income tax to make claiming the credit worthwhile. So it actually made the tax break best for relatively high-income taxpayers, who are likely to pay a lot of money to the IRS.

    That year, a lot of golf cart manufacturers had a nice increase in business!

    The size of your tax credit depended on the vehicle you bought because it was calculated based on the battery’s range.
    Want to read more details about it and see a list of the manufacturers? This article was written at the time (December, 2009) -

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