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Free stuff at the public library ($50 Giveaway)

submitted on July 10, 2011 by YanBz in "Buxr Website / Contests"
Books and movies usually come to mind when you think of your library. There are however many more things you can get there for free. Below are some of our favorites.

Please take this poll to enroll into our $50 cash prize giveaway. Also, leave a comment to this discussion if we missed your favorite library freebie.

The poll will close July 18, 2011 and the winner will be announced in the comments. Any US resident 18 y.o. or older can participate. One entry per household.

This Poll is Closed

1. Which of these library services have you used recently?
  • Free internet at the library
  • 62%
  • Commercial database access
  • 19%
  • Free computer classes
  • 5%
  • Workshops for job seekers
  • 3%
  • Programs for small businesses
  • 5%
  • Foreign language training
  • 5%
  • Notary and fax services
  • 16%
  • Tax forms and tax assistance
  • 5%
  • Practice tests for college exams
  • 0%
  • Educational resources and financial aid
  • 14%
    Total: 37 votes


    • 118694
      Posted by AnaJana on July 11, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      I don't get to the library often with my hours, but I do use the notary services there when I can.
    • 118699
      Posted by coachmac4 on July 11, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      I absolutely love the library! I love the programs, the internet, the magazines and all the information that is available for the asking! When it is hot, it is a quiet, cool place to retreat! I love the library!
    • 118711
      23 14 8
      12 10 2
      Posted by CouponNut on July 11, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      First you should know how to locate what you're looking for at the library. I think teaching children the dewey decimal system is important. It gives them the opportunity to understand how to look up & locate shelved books on the library computerized catalog. Of course, before computers, we were looking up books on catalog cards.
    • 118712
      Posted by jamie on July 11, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      My 2 favorite things at the library are the kids programs (Kids Summer Reading, Night at the Movies Reading) and the ebooks I can download to my Nook. I may be adding a third as I would love to get into our family history.
    • 118720
      11 9 1
      Posted by lootango on July 11, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      I love the library and do visit the ones in my area more now that I have my son. It's something fun to do out of the house on Saturdays... and it's free!
    • 118735
      Posted by soldier on July 11, 2011
      [reply] 4 0
      consumer information for purchase comparison
    • 118739
      11 8 1
      Posted by equipurple on July 11, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      My favorite library freebie is museum passes. My library, and its network, have free passes or discount coupons available to most major museums and attractions.
    • 118740
      11 8 1
      Posted by equipurple on July 11, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      By the way, make sure you post the link to this blog to your local library's FB page or email it to your local librarians. Librarians always like hearing and disseminating good things about libraries. Kudos to Yan for a great blog post!
    • 118746
      Posted by YanBz on July 11, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      Kuddos to our blogger, Taylor, but I will take the honors. Wink

      Here is a link to the blog in question:
    • 118764
      Posted by stylib38 on July 11, 2011
      [reply] 3 0
      I love my library too! though recently I use their ebook and audiobook services most that I can download to my Kindle ( I have to use Calibre to convert to .mobi format but later in the year that won't be necessary anymore as Kindle will be offering that!)
    • 118768
      1 4
      8 7 2
      Posted by mommy25 on July 11, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      I love the story time with my son, and the passes for discounts to local museums. Big Grin
    • 118774
      Posted by godzooki on July 12, 2011
      [reply] 2 0
      Story time for the little ones! I finally got a kindle so I'm going to try their ebook services.
    • 118786
      Posted by RonaleeAKArose on July 12, 2011
      [reply] 2 0
      I think it is great that the library still has tax forms.
    • 118797
      2 4 6
      10 8 2
      Posted by pablos17 on July 12, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      Thanks Yan. Didn't know about the free computer classes. Will have to tell some friends and relatives to take some classes so they will stop bugging me.
    • 118827
      Posted by Callie1978 on July 12, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      i also love all the free DVDs to rent
    • 118839
      7 1 1
      Posted by deathbynosleep on July 12, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      I haven't been to the library since 2005 or 2006 to apply for a passport. Most everything I need I can find online.
    • 118842
      Posted by ecollins86 on July 13, 2011
      [reply] 1 0
      I just use the library for checking out books!
    • 118968
      3 1 6
      11 9 2
      Posted by psplove on July 14, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      Every one can rent computer too..
      • HouTex
        Posted by HouTex on July 14, 2011
        [reply] 2 0
        Use of the computers is usually free.
    • 119006
      Posted by HouTex on July 15, 2011
      [reply] 2 0

      Here's a nice offer from LeapFrog - they're giving away Tag Reading Kits worth $1,000 to 50 lucky libraries. The kits include Tag, the #1 best-selling reading system that engages children and helps them learn to read by bringing interactive books and maps to life.

      Just send an email to - with the name, address, and phone number of your library's branch or school name by August 1, 2011 for a chance to win. Hurry! Don't miss a great opportunity!

      See details at
    • 119215
      9 3 1
      Posted by tiny2009 on July 17, 2011
      [reply] 2 0
      Story time is great at our library. Plus, DVD borrowing saves us money.
    • 119350
      Posted by YanBz on July 18, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      Tonight is the last chance to take the poll and enter the contest!
    • 119368
      Posted by YanBz on July 19, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      I just ran the random number generator at

      The winner of this contest is gc13182 who was #20 to take the poll at 7/11/2011 6:25:13 PM

      Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!

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