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Fear the Snuggie.

submitted on December 8, 2009 by JackBauer in "Products / Gadgets"
This is a funny story I just read on the Phillies Message board posted by a User named thetuner. It has to do with shopping, so I thought I would share it with my Buxr friends.

Funny xmas story for all of you guys out there that ever tried to purchase something stupid for your wives that they wanted for Christmas. It was funny AFTER it was over at least!

As a small stocking stuffer she wanted one of these stupid snuggies. You know, the stupid things that make you look like a monk? But did she want any snuggie? Nooooo, she has to have the leopard snuggie!! So I log onto their web site. THAT was my first mistake!

The site says 19.95 plus 7.95 for shipping. So I give all my credit info and proceed. The stupid site then asks me how many extra "free snuggies" I want for just the shipping cost of 7.95. I tried three times to get it to understand I only wanted ONE FUHREAKING SNUGGIE!!!! On the fourth time it looped me back to the same place I gave up and logged off. A few minutes later I get an email confirming my order of SIX designer snuggies!!!!! So I call the site to address this and Im told they cant delete the order because its not in their computer yet! At this point Im livid! I must be on someones computer, because I have a DANG EMAIL CONFIRMING SIX of these stupid things.

At this point Ive spent 2 hours of my life and Im screaming at the lady on the other end and she gives me a complaint number to call. I call that and this is the greeting I get from the other end "thank you for calling snuggies for dogs, an order assistant will be right with you". Now Im screaming that I dont want six stupid snuggies, I want ONE and I certainly dont want one for my fuhreaking dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom line? It took me till 8:30 last night to settle this thing. So the moral of the story is buy your wife the standard snuggie I guess LOL

OH BTW: when they say 19.95 for one snuggie and 7.95 for shipping and handling, its a LIE!!!!! What they SHOULD advertise is 19.95 for TWO snuggies and a shipping cost of 15.90 because they wont sell you just one!!!! So that "free one" is mandatory. Sure hope someone else on our xmas list wants a fuhreaking snuggie, cause their getting one!!!

Fear the snuggie!

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    Posted by mooncow728 on December 8, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    I can't believe the hype behind these things. Good idea but there were people in town on Black Friday that were fighting over them for $5. I bet by next summer these will be in the markdown bins at most stores and won't be seen again.

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