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Facebook sharing user data with advertisers

submitted on May 21, 2010 by pablos17 in "Member's Lounge"
If you are a member of a social networking then you can say goodbye to total privacy. According to this article, Facebook and other sites are sharing some data with advertisers.

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    Posted by HouTex on May 21, 2010
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    A big problem is that when Facebook makes modifications (often without warning) the new default setting is always open to "everyone" and you have to navigate complex menus for each area to change it back to a more private setting.

    Now it seems that when any of your friends plays a game and or takes a quiz, they are exposing your information as well as their own!

    According to an article at ,
    14 privacy groups have filed a unfair-trade complaint with the FTC against Facebook.
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    Posted by MrCheap on May 21, 2010
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    Selling user's data is their bread. The ads will not be effective unless the advertiser knows what your likes are, so this is inevitable with any commercial social network. The real solution is for non-profits to offers some alternative and everyone to make a switch.
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    Posted by HouTex on May 21, 2010
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    You can view what your Facebook settings are and decide if you want to change them with an open source privacy scanner. It's easier than digging through all the menus. has a bookmarklet that will scan your Facebook privacy settings and alert you to any that might be inadvertently sharing information. Simply right-click on the "Scan for Privacy" box and add their link to your bookmarks toolbar, log-in to Facebook and then click on it. The tool shows your current settings and also includes links to change them. According to ReclaimPrivacy, it never actually looks at your Facebook data and will not share any information.

    Also, see
    7 things to stop doing on Facebook
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    Posted by onkarkulkarni on May 21, 2010
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    Here's an excerpt from HuffingtonPost column regarding privacy issues on facebook:

    According to a statistic, 50,000 people have already quit facebook since April which is quite shocking.
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    Posted by iggy27 on May 21, 2010 [reply] 0 0
    But I Really Love The Free Things They Have. What A Shame .

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