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Facebook accounts for deals and privacy (Take a Poll)

submitted on February 4, 2011 by equipurple in "Member's Lounge"
Just wondering about multiple Facebook accounts and dealing with apps and privacy.
Do you have multiple Facebook accounts, and if so do you maintain one (or more) just for FB deals and freebies?
When you Allow an app access to get a coupon or freebie, do you edit your settings and disallow it? Do you do it immediately? after you get the product? some other time?
1. Do you have more than one Facebook account
 Just one... just little old me
 More than one, but for real people
 More than one, a real one for me and phony one(s) for deals
2. If more than one, how many FB accounts do you use for deals?
 1 for deals
 2 for deals
 3 for deals
 4 or more for deals
3. Privacy settings on apps for deals and contests
 Allow 'em and forget 'em
 Allow them, fill out the form, then kill 'em
 Allow them, get my stuff, then kill 'em
 Go through monthly or ocassionally and kill 'em all
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    Posted by arzkar on February 4, 2011 [reply] 0 0
    I don't have a Facebook account and I'm proud of it Mr Green
    • deathbynosleep
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      Posted by deathbynosleep on February 4, 2011
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      same here. I will eventually cave in just to get some of the freebies and other coupons.
  • 125522
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    Posted by equipurple on September 20, 2011
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    Bumping this as the growth of FaceBook promotions has exploded recently. I created a second identity some time ago, but now I really use it for all the FB deals. That way my personal FB account wall is not crowded out by posts from Wonderful Pistachios, Ocean Spray, Bic Pens, Popchips, Cheezits, and everyone else who wants to sign me up for coupons and freebies.

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