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Denny's Coupons with Possible Expiration Date Manipulation

submitted on January 26, 2013 by HouTex in "Coupons / Coupon Codes"
Has anyone used any of the 20% off Denny's coupons? Have you ever had a problem with the restaurant accepting them?

I reviewed several Denny's coupons for 20% off this morning and discovered that most of the ones posted with copyright 2011 have the exact same bar code 88880182 with different names and expiration dates on them. The altered dates are in a font that doesn't match the rest of the text. So it looks like they can be manipulated in some way and still appear to be from the Denny's site. This has been going on for quite some time, and they are posted on many other deal sites.

A few examples of possible altered coupons are:

It's curious that these expired coupons are still visible while a legitimate one that requires entree purchase says "Sorry this offer has expired" at the link

In addition, the newer coupons like the ones I received in email from Denny's Rewards now say "20% Off with entree purchase" and copyright 2013, with all text including the expiration date in the same font. Note the bar code has a higher number than the old recirculating coupon.


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    Posted by YanBz on January 26, 2013 [reply] 0 0
    The domain they are hosted at looks legit:
    The home page redirects to the Denny's Rewards signup page.

    It is possible however that that particular coupon URL has not been used in newer Denny's emails and someone found a way to hack the URL to modify the title and expiration date.

    Can you post the URL from a newer newsletter? Does it have a different format or does it start with "ViewOnce/ViewCoupon.aspx" like the old one?
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    Posted by HouTex on January 26, 2013 [reply] 0 0
    The current coupon that expires today has the same domain -

    All of the recent ones I've received are from this domain -
    That link contained a date in the URL and now shows the message "Sorry This Coupon Has Expired."
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    Posted by HouTex on January 26, 2013 [reply] 0 0
    I think you are right, it's an older link. The new links do not show the coupons any more after they expire.
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    Posted by YanBz on January 26, 2013 [reply] 0 0
    Note how the URL in your new coupon has "members/ViewMailing.aspx" in it while the older URL's have "ViewOnce/ViewCoupon.aspx"

    The rest of the URL contains attributes that change the content (expiration and the label).

    I think some time ago Denny's switched how they host their coupons but the old links still work and some people found how to change the attributes in the old links to update the content (and show fake expiration dates and labels).

    Just a wild guess...
    • CouponNut
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      Posted by CouponNut on January 27, 2013 [reply] 0 0
      To help solve the mystery here, all you need to do is sign up for Denny's Rewards:
      You can put whatever name you want in the field, you will receive your 20% off coupon within 24 hrs. The barcode number of 88880182 appears to be used for NEW reward member signups.
      This is why I decided to just post as a deal so anyone can get the 20% entire check coupon anytime they plan on going to Denny's.

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