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Crafty Christmas Gifts

submitted on November 27, 2012 by sandyshore in "Member's Lounge"
There are lots of ideas floating around online about make your own presents. Do we have members here on Buxr who save money and make some of their own gifts? Please, share your ideas or even good ideas you have seen online. Big Grin

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    Posted by Goofy_Girl on November 28, 2012
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    I've made tons of gifts, especially when I was younger: jewelry, jewelry boxes, different types of pottery, books, ornaments, videos, DVDs, laminated stickers, magnets, t-shirts (tie-dye, iron-on, & embellished.)
    However, I can't remember all of the steps to do all of these projects right now. Maybe I'll come back to this thread when I do, LOL. Smile

    There's always cooking & sewing gifts. I can't cook, so I'm of no help to you there.
    I have sewn a quite a bit of clothing for myself simply because sometimes I can't find what I want.
    As far as giving sewn clothing, decorative pillows & other sewn items as gifts...I don't know. People can be very critical. I've given sewn gifts mostly for dolls & animals, though. They can't complain, haha. Smile



    (Not exactly a gift, however it can be made for decorating, cat toys, etc.)

    A long time ago during the holidays, I was babysitting these kids while they were making balls for the cats out of aluminum foil.

    I noticed their tree looked a little bare & didn't have any silver garland. So I asked, "You guys only like gold?"
    They said their mom didn't know where it was or didn't have any left and had to go buy some more holiday stuff.

    I kept staring at the aluminum foil and how beautiful and shiny it was.

    Idea Then I had an idea! Idea
    Make long, silver spiral garland for their tree.

    We started by laying the aluminum foil box down on the floor,then slowly pull out the foil to 10 or 15 feet, depending on how long you want it. Oh, and make sure it is shiny-side down. Then tear it off. Now you've got a super long piece of aluminum foil, shiny-side down.

    Begin by slowly (without wrinkling) folding it in half, them smooth it out flat. Now you have a super long piece of aluminum foil folded in half-both sides should be shiny.

    Then just continue folding again & again, alternate sides, and remember to keep the folds as flat as you can while keeping the sides as sharp as you can (this should automatically happen as long as you keep smoothing out the folds flat.)

    When You've reached the spiral thickness you want for your tree (usually after 3 or 4 folds) stop folding. If you're not happy with the size after the 3rd fold (too big) and the 4th fold (too small) you could make your 3rd fold folded in thirds instead of half. That seems to be the perfect size.

    Anyway, now you have a super-long straight skinny piece of aluminum foil. Time to get something long & skinny; not too thick, not too thin. A broom handle, mop handle, etc. would work well. You also want something at the bottom that will allow you to spin the broom or mop handle with your feet. I find that a broom with a wide sweep works well and is easy to manuever with my feet because of the width at the bottom.
    You will be holding the foil, spinning the broom with your feet, and "applying" the foil on in a spiral pattern (like when you curl your hair.)
    For a piece of foil that size, that method is a lot easier and you get better results than if you kept the broom still and spun YOuRSELF around the room with the piece of foil trying to get it on the broom, LOL.

    OK, when you've run out of foil to apply to the broom, you're done. Carefully slide the silver spiral garland off the broom and you're done! You can keep the spirals tight & short or carefully stretch evenly all around (not just the ends or it will look weird) if you'd like the spirals loose & longer.

    At first, the kids put it on the tree. When I came back another time to babysit them, they had bought regular silver garland, put it on the tree and the girls were using the foil spiral as a long shiny jump-rope. LOL Smile
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    Posted by mooncow728 on November 28, 2012
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    I like to fill jars with all the dry ingredients for a recipe and give that as a gift. I've done it with cookies, and heard of others doing it with soup. Just get a jar and put all the dry ingredients inside. Then attach a card that gives instructions on what else to add, how long to cook it, and how much it will make.

    For kids I like to make magnets. I save those advertising magnets I get throughout the year and put stickers all over them, foam ones work best. Then I cut each one out. It can be time consuming but it makes great magnets. I've also cut the entire alphabet out of foam and glued magnets to the back of those. Keep in mind that the magnets could potentially fall off so this is not safe for any child young enough to put it in their mouth. I use super glue and normally don't have problems with magnets detaching but be safe.

    For my mom that loves anything that my kids make, we made an earring rack. I had my kids decorate 5 popsicle sticks. Then I glued them together to make a 3 tiered rack. I threw in a few 3m hooks to hang it and now she displays all of her earrings with a bit of her grandkids art. She loves it.
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    Posted by HouTex on November 29, 2012
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    Joann's has directions for some nice holiday projects posted at . They range from package decorations and ornaments to jewelry and food creations. There are even some projects for kids and easy ones for those with no experience.
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    Posted by lootango on December 2, 2012 [reply] 0 0
    I'm a big fan of Pintrest... and they've got some great and cute ideas (especially kids crafts)...
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    Posted by DebsFreebies on December 2, 2012 [reply] 0 0
    I make homemade pies in canning glasses, then put a bow around them and use markers to decorate the glass.
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    Posted by YanBz on December 3, 2012
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    I spent last night with my daughter making soap. I think a bar of home-made soap makes a great holiday gift, especially to the people you know. Here is our soap aging the the forms:

    These four trays will make around 40 bars, the ingredients cost around $1 per bar
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    Posted by clover on December 3, 2012 [reply] 0 0
    That is so very cool! I think that is great that you did this with your daughter.

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