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Cool for Abercrombie to sell push-up bikini's to 7 year olds?

submitted on March 25, 2011 by orangearrows in "Stores / Merchants", last updated on March 26, 2011 by YanBz
Seems like all ethical restrictions are done for

The Sociological Images blog has sparked an online furor over Abercrombie Kids, which markets its products to children ages 7-14, selling a line of push-up bikinis. Is this an age-appropriately targeted product, harmless dress up, or just the latest in the race to capitalize on the gross and premature sexualization of our youth?

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      Posted by sandyshore on March 25, 2011
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      Maybe I'm stating the obvious or trying to over simplify the issue, it's JMO. If we don't buy A&F -- can't sell and cause a stir. It's not the kids those ages taking themselves shopping. Typically you still need a parental figure as part of the process at any of those ages. I hope by the time they hit puberty parents have tried to help them understand that they get to decide how they want to portray themselves and not Abercrombie & Fitch or some other store that sells fashion. The pre-teen and teen years are filled with all kinds of things we protect and guide kids through, A&F has just given parents another reason to be present and involved in the shopping for fashion.
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      Posted by mommy25 on March 25, 2011
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      As a mother of 3 grown girls now. I have always taught them Classy not trashy...that has followed them into adult hood. I'm not as well spoken as Sandyshore, but i did at least get my point across to my children, Thankfully so.
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      Posted by lootango on March 25, 2011
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      As a first time parent this really bugs me (and I have a boy). Things like this make me think of those crazy parents entering little girls in pageants and not letting them enjoy being kids. Maybe they should wait 'til the girls turn 12 before telling them to push it up and suck it in and ruining their self image in the name of fashion and making a buck. I am not a fan! Not cool, A&F!
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      Posted by josetring on March 26, 2011
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      AF is craxy
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      Posted by clover on March 26, 2011
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      That was my thought also Lootango! It's just wrong but keep in mind stores such as Walmart & Target for years have been selling bikinis for all ages including babies. It's the parent's responsibility to say what their children can and cannot wear.
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      Posted by HouTex on March 28, 2011 [reply] 0 0
      ABC Nightly News picked up this story today, reporting that A & F had renamed the item pictured above to remove any reference to "push up," calling it only a "striped top." ABC also reported that "Abercrombie has showed no signs that they plan to pull the product from its store's shelves."

      Everyone ABC News interviewed agreed they wouldn't buy the top, including young girls. But the public argument over this has apparently put enough pressure on A & F that they have now removed the item from their website, offering 7 triangle tops with 2 of them labeled as "lightly lined."

      Two months ago Walmart came under fire from parents for marketing a line of "anti-aging" cosmetics aimed at 8-12 year olds. Eeek
      • sandyshore
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        Posted by sandyshore on March 28, 2011
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        I really wasn't surprised by A&F offering this top. There are several stores that market their products with some sort of risque advertising. Look at the home pages for a few sites where you see girls draped on guys or girls or guys in semi dressed states. A&F is just one example of sites that use this to promote business. Besides they've garnered quite a bit of free publicity from this top... I don't know if that translates into a loss or profit, it's still free publicity.

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