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Buy my Crappy house!

submitted on September 25, 2009 by YanBz in "Member's Lounge"
A sad and funny story, a lesson to anyone considering their home an investment


Yes, this is serious.

Are you an investor willing to take on a house that has great potential in the very hip Fells Point area? Three blocks from the square, close to everything. The catch? The house is falling apart. It was falling apart when we bought it for a STUPID STUPID STUPID amount of money during that real estate boom, but hell! Owning a home means your ONE OF US! (whoever "us" is). Owning was the proper, good thing to do---Real estate never depreciates, it's a SAFE investment. Uh huh. Tell that to me AFTER the HELOC I applied for was denied because of the loss in equity. sheesh. I hate you, real estate bubble, wall street, banks, speculators and the assfucks who laid me off.....


The house itself is pretty effin awesome---if you have the patience and gumption to take care of the following:

No subflooring--house has original wood floors which makes it "charming", but Effin cold in the winter. They desperately need to be either covered by nicer flooring or redone and restored to it's old world charm.

Busted waste pipe in the crawlspace in the basement. Ewwwww.

water in the basement. Yep. you heard me---lots and lots of water in the basement. The cellar door rotted and we never knew this---I have it covered by a tarp, and so far so good. However, there is a small problem with mold.....

Claw foot tub slowly sinking into the floor upstairs. yes, it's a heavy tub...

foundation is a bit effed---and bricks need repointing. You'll probably have to gut it completely, to be honest. The good thing is every appliance in the house is brand new and working awesomely. the heating system was installed in 2002 and works great. You'll have to do something with the A/C compressor because it crapped out two years ago. It does have a Rooftop deck that is actually in good shape. needs some sealant, but great view of the entire city. 3 exposed fireplaces make it pretty cute as well. Honestly, you can sink about 50-70 K and fix all that is wrong while even living in it! We tried....we really did.

So anyhow, I'd like to find a buyer for a short sale. Take this off my hands. We failed miserably at home ownership and the economy, loose regulations and horrid speculators failed us. I'm gone and renting forever. Screw home ownership.


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    Posted by shawndiaz on September 28, 2009 [reply] 0 0
    Eeek I guess the "vulgar" filter doesn't work on copy & paste? Mr Green Darn loophole gremlins!

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