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AT&T Internet Rates Going Up And How To Get A Lower Rate

submitted on September 30, 2010 by midget in "Member's Lounge"
Rates for internet service has gone up. Just found this out when i got my bill.
So I called At&t to discuss this and was advised by AT&T to threaten cancellation and they would drop my bill down to $20 per month for 1 year - from there I was transferred to the retention dept. I told the person in retention that I wanted to cancel my account. We discussed why I wanted to cancel and from there he did one better for me and signed me up for a year of internet at $14.95 a month.

So if any of you have At&t as your internet provider and dont want to pay the new rates or even if you have a high rate, you can just call and ask for the retention dept and tell them you're gonna leave them.
You may get a $20 rate or the $15 one like I'm getting (YMMV)

Now here's another issue that I also dealt with and if any of you are experiencing the same, you can hopefully get a remedy for this.

AT&T has 3 tiers of net speeds and each has a different cost and range: Basic, Express and Pro

Now, you need to find out what range you're in and the min to max speed it goes up to, then you need to find out what the min/max speed is of the one below the one you're in.

example if you're paying for express you need to know what range you're in and compare it to the basic range.

Now, I found out recently that even though i was paying for Pro my range was just a lil over the range that Express covers yet I was paying $5 more each month for Pro when I really was just getting Express, cause the range increase was very slight. This was due to my being in the middle of nowhereville. So I discussed this with retention and told them that I felt it was improper that I had been paying the higher rate for about a year when I really shouldn't have so they credited me $50 for this.

Now the part about the net speeds is not confined to AT&T i don't think. All of you who pay for internet should find out what range you're in and if you are actually getting what you're paying for. If you're not than you should call and see if an adjustment can be made.

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    Posted by deby32953 on September 30, 2010
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    Thanks so much for tht tip. We have At&t also although we're thinking of canceling anyway since we're having so many problems.

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