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Are you a Talker or a Texter?

submitted on August 28, 2010 by HouTex in "Products / Gadgets"
Fifteen years ago, only 1 in 10 people had a cell phone. Today, almost everyone does, and here are some interesting statistics from a recent Nielson study:

* Southerners talk more on their cell phones than most people. In 8 Gulf Coast states, they exceeded 800 minutes per month. The states with the lowest numbers were Iowa and Wyoming.

* Women used 22% more minutes than men.

* Teenagers on average text 2779 messages per month (8 per hour), while senior citizens send an average of 30 texts per month.

* Cell phone texters in Mississippi were the highest: they (and texters in 6 other states) sent out more than 600 text messages per month. (I guess they don't text much in Idaho.)
1. Which are you? (Choose all that apply)
 Snail mailer
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  • 76964
    5 1 1
    Posted by tammy987 on August 28, 2010
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    I would have picked 2 choices as I also e-mail alot. But, haven't been able to check e-mail ALL day because IP decided to do maintenance on a saturday! Feel lost without e-mail. Cry Can you imagine what would happen if, for some reason, all technology died. Think there would be chaos the world over? Eeek
    • outcastplo313
      Posted by outcastplo313 on August 29, 2010
      [reply] 1 0
      I went a week without internet at home and felt so lost! Sad
    • 76980
    • HouTex
      Posted by HouTex on August 29, 2010
      [reply] 1 0
      Good idea to be able to select more than one choice - I updated the poll so you can do that.

      These days I email way more than talk, and never text. A day without Internet here would be a very bad day indeed! Cry
  • 76971
    Posted by WhattaDealBlog on August 28, 2010
    [reply] 4 0
    I hate talking on the phone, and I don't text message either. Although I will admit about 7 years ago I used to quite often.
  • 77003
    2 1
    12 8 1
    Posted by sandyshore on August 29, 2010
    [reply] 2 0
    I'm not a phone person -- talking or texting. I'd much rather email. I did have a brief thing with when I got my first cell I never text now, it's not even a part of my cell phone deal anymore.
  • 77037
    1 6 2
    11 4 1
    Posted by Solstice on August 29, 2010 [reply] 0 0
    I frequently tell people that if you don't have an "@" in your name, then you won't hear from me.
    • HouTex
      Posted by HouTex on August 29, 2010 [reply] 0 0
      My sentiments exactly! Amused

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