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Hot or Not?

10 questions your gynecologist wants you to ask: don't be shy; speaking up could save your life

submitted on January 16, 2011 by psplove in "Member's Lounge"
1. Should I be tested for sexually transmitted diseases?
2. What about a different contraceptive?
3. Should I have a prescription for the "morning-after pill"?
4. What can I do about incontinence?
5. Why are my periods irregular?
6. What can I do about sexual problems?
7. Can I talk to the nurse?
8. I was abused or assaulted (sexually or otherwise) in the past -- what effect does that have on my health?
9. What were my test results?
10. How does smoking affect my sexual and reproductive health?

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    Posted by CouponNut on January 16, 2011
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    I personally would scratch number 7. Your doctor knows you better than any nurse you may or may not have known over the years. Doctor knows best! Big Grin
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    Posted by mooncow728 on January 16, 2011
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    Always remember to go with your gut though. I had an IUD put in and within a month it disappeared. I had been getting pains but they brushed everything off and acted like I was paranoid. I went and got a second opinion and still got the same answers. A year later though low and behold the device was still inside. It had perforated my uterus, got tangled in my fallopian tube then perforated that and headed for my intestines. I got lucky and it ended up getting caught in the fatty wall that protects the intestines and they were able to remove it when I had to get my appendix taken out. It could have caused a lot of damage but I suppose I was lucky. So if you think something is wrong make sure you speak up! Doctors normally know best but you know your body better than anyone!
    • deby32953
      Posted by deby32953 on January 16, 2011
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      OMG! What a nightmare for you! Were you done having children?
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    • mooncow728
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      Posted by mooncow728 on January 16, 2011
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      Yeah I was done but they aren't sure to what extent it damaged everything. I want to get my tubes tied now but my doctor is worried that there will be too much scar tissue. I go Wednesday to find out. Wish me luck!
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    Posted by mommy25 on January 16, 2011
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    Wow what a terrible experience mooncow. Glad all went well in the end.
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    Posted by deby32953 on January 16, 2011
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    Since I had a hysterectomy in '03, I don't have to worry about most of those questions but I still go yearly & also do the yearly mammogram even though thankfully there's no family history. I do have problems w/#4 due the MS I have a spastic bladder and have to wear a patch. A few years ago, until they got it under control w/meds, my hubby was either washing sheets for my son or me each morning! lol Noah has since grown out of his bedwetting problem & would kill me if he knew I had told you!
    • gabyperu
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      Posted by gabyperu on January 16, 2011
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      What a great husband you have.

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