Frequently Asked Questions

The Buxr Basics

What is is a social bargain hunting site where community members gather to share hot shopping deals. All of the deals on Buxr are shared, rated, and vetted by our community.

How does work?

Buxr members search for hot deals and share what they find on-line at The deals are then voted on by the community based on their hotness. These votes are used by shoppers to make buying decisions, and also for determining the results of the daily and monthly deal contests.

How do I submit a deal to

Simply sign up for an account on Buxr and you can begin submitting deals immediately. Submitted deals are then put into a moderation queue for verification by other Buxr community members and moderators. Once your deal is approved, it gets published on the Buxr deals page.

Does Buxr sell any of the products?

No, does not actually sell any of the products listed on the deals site or the widget. and the Buxr Widget were created to aggregate hot deals and coupons from various merchants around the net into one convenient location. Anytime you click a link on the deal site or widget, you are leaving and are redirected to the merchant supplying the deal.

How does Buxr handle expired deals? handles expired deals by setting individual expiration dates on each deal when a date is provided by the merchant. In addition our moderators and users do routine deal sweeps for accuracy. Expired deals are flagged and eventually verified and removed from the active deals list. Note, due to the amount of deals and the fact that deals expire without notice, some deals may not be flagged.

What is the difference between a "Deal" and a "Freebie?"

A deal typically has a cost associated with it, where a freebie is completely free. We classify freebies as product samples, promotional items, free magazines, etc. Products that are free after rebate and printable coupons that come with an online discount code will be treated as deals.

What kind of deals can I submit?

You can submit any kind of shopping deals you want, but please try to make sure it fits the following criteria:

  1. It is available nationally. Popular product categories are preferred, such as iPods, GPS, Laptops, etc!
  2. It is a "good deal." We know this is subjective, but please use your best judgement.
  3. Please make sure the details are accurate! This is essential for success in the contest and the community.
  4. The deal is NOT self-promotion. Deals with referral codes will be edited or removed.
  5. If you are a merchant interested in submitting deals, please contact us to set up a special Store Rep. account.

I have a printable coupon file or pdf?

If you have a coupon image or file you can upload it straight to Buxr. Select "Coupon (submit a file)" when submitting your deal and browse to the coupon file on your computer.

I just submitted a deal but it is NOT on the deals page?

Your deal may not being displayed for the following reasons:

  1. It is still in the moderation queue. Please be patient, we verify all deals for quality.
  2. Your deal has been removed because it was duplicate, inaccurate, expired, local only offer, spam, adult content, etc...
  3. Moderators have deemed it inappropriate for the site.

I'm a newbie at submitting deals, do you guys have a tutorial?

We now have a submission video tutorial (you need to be logged in).

The Buxr Daily and Monthly Contest

How can I win prizes at

There are two ways you can win prizes:

  1. Submit the best deal of the day and win our Daily Deal contest.
  2. Collect the most points by guessing the best and the worst deals each day, post quality comments or discussions that receive votes, and you could win our Monthly Deal contest.
How does the Daily Deal Contest Work?

We will award 3 to 5 members every day (depending the total amount of submissions and votes) for submitting the top voted deal.

  • All deals submitted and approved by a moderator or Buxr member qualify for the contest.
  • Once a deal is on our deals page, Buxr community will be given 24 hours to vote on the quality of the deal
  • Buxr staff will then select the best deals based on the community votes.
  • Winners of the Buxr deal submission contest will be posted daily on the Daily Contest winners board and also notified by email.
  • In addition to the daily prize, the winners will receive 20 points towards the current Monthly Contest.

How does the Monthly Contest Work?

The monthly contest winners are determined by a point system. The system was created in an attempt to reward members for participating in all aspects of Buxr. Whether it is submitting deals, voting on deals, leaving quality comments or starting great discussions. Below is a summary of how the point system works.

Deals Point System

  1. Winning the daily best deal gives the submitter 20 points.
  2. Getting the daily worst deal costs the submitter 5 points.
  3. Positive vote on a daily best deal gives the voter 10 points.
  4. First negative vote on a daily worst deal gives 15 points, following votes give 5 points to the voters.
  5. Negative vote on a daily best deal or positive vote on a daily worst deal costs the voter 5 points.

Comments & Topics Point System

Members can gain or lose points from other members voting up/down their comments or topics.

  1. Each positive vote gives the submitter 2 points.
  2. Each negative vote costs the submitter 1 point.

The topic/comment must be less than 1 day old to accumulate points. Only members with a total score of 50 points and 5 days tenure can give other members points. In order to prevent friendly voting and voting wars, only your first 5 votes in a 1 day period can earn points when voting for any individual member.

Voting Point System

Members can gain points by voting up comments and topics.

  1. Each positive vote gives the voter 1 point.
  2. Negative votes don't give the voter points.

Only members with 50 points and 5 days tenure can gain points with their votes. Voting up a new member comment or topic doesn't earn the voter a point. As you can see there are many ways to gain and lose points. If it seems a little overwhelming, don't worry about the details. The best way to do well is to be a good Buxr community member. Vote up the deals that you like, leave good comments, and start interesting discussions. That's all there is to it, and it works!

How much is the daily prize?

  • We award a $10 prize for a top voted daily deal which is an online coupon, product, or sale.
  • We award a $5 prize for a top voted freebie, printable coupon or in-store only deal without a matching online offer.

What is the Daily Deal Bonus Prize?

If a daily prize winner accumulates the most overall points during the contest period, we will add a $5 bonus to that submitter's daily prize.

What are the Buxr random prizes?

In order to spice things up a little, we added some cool rewards that members gain with every 100 points that they earn. For example, you can earn cool rewards like voting for your own deal or removing a bad deal from the contest. Another reward enables you to add special background to your deal so it can stand out from the others. Remember, every gain of 100 points will result in a random award.

How often can I win the Daily Deal contest?

You can win 1 prize every day.

How many members win the Daily Deal contest?

In general, we give out between 4 and 6 prizes per day. However, we only award one freebie prize because free offers do not make money for the site.

When is the Monthly Deal contest prize announced?

The winner of the monthly grand prize will be announced on the 1st of the following month on the Monthly Contest winners board and also in our e-mail newsletter.

How is the Monthly Deal contest winner determined?

Monthly contest winners are determined by the amount of points accumulated at the end of the month.

I won some cool Buxr Swag like a Mug or Mouspad... is there anything I should do?

Yes, you should go to your account and fill out your full name and mailing address!

The Refer a Friend Contest

How does the Refer a Friend Contest Work?
  1. Refer a friend with a Buxr referer link (see referral options below).
  2. Your friend signs up using the link.
  3. Your account is credited with a pending referral
  4. You must refer at least 5 friends during the contest month to qualify for a prize.
  5. At the end of the month, we tally eligible referrals and display the winners on the contest page.
What is the difference among "Pending Friends", "Good Friends" and "Bad Friends?"

As you know, not all friends are created equal. The same rule applies at We consider your friend a "Good Friend" if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • Your friend is a US resident.
  • Your friend is a new Buxr member
  • Your friend does not live in the same household with you or another Buxr member

Pending friends are friends who have been referred but have not yet been verified by us to count as a contest referral. Any pending friends who do not meet the above requirements within the contest month, will become "Bad Friends." These friends are NOT eligible for the contest credit. Referrals can also become "Bad Friends" if they are disqualified by moderators.

Are there any other reasons my friend can be disqualified?

We reserve the right to disqualify members/friends for attempting to tamper with the contest results.

What options do I have to invite friends?

At Buxr we give you 3 easy ways to make "Good Friends"

  1. Send an email to a friend through a "Share this Deal" link available on each deal page (visible when you are signed in).
  2. Add a Buxr Badge or Text Link to your web page (MySpace, Blog, etc). You can get these from the Affiliate Page.
  3. Add the Buxr Widget to your website. The link in the widget has your referral id.
How do I find out how many friends I or other members have referred?

Go to the Refer a Friend Contest Page to find the current contest standings. You can check what friends each member referred by clicking the "+" sign next to the member stats.

How do I win the Buxr "Refer a Friend" Contest?

Simply accumulate the most eligible ("Good") friends by the end of the month (a minimum of 5 friends is required) and you will win the contest

Buxr Prize Payments

How do I get collect my Buxr contest Prizes?

Your prizes are logged in the 'My Activity' section of the Contests page. When your balance reaches $25, you can to go to the 'Balance' section and request a payment. We usually process payments on a weekly basis but in some cases it may take up to 30 days. If you have not received your payment within 30 days or you have a question or dispute about a prize award, please contact us at support at buxr dot com.

Random Buxr Tips

What is a Buxr Power User?

The 'Power User' title grants a member extra powers. The powers include instant publishing of a deal (avoid moderation queue), editing and expiring other members deals' and more! Check out this discussion if you want to nominate someone or yourself to become a power user. :-)

What are those badges under member's avatars?

Every time you finish the monthly contest in top 3 you will gain a 'golden', 'silver', or 'bronze' badge displayed under your avatar. This is one more sign of recognition of your achievements in addition to your title.

How do I change my avatar?

Go to and sign up with the email you are using on Once you upload and activate an avatar there it will be automatically visible on

How do I login to Buxr with my Gmail account?

At Buxr we support the OpenID project, which is a way to use one digital identity across the Internet. Since Google is an OpenID provider, you can login or register with Buxr using your Gmail account. Here is a discussion thread explaining the details.

How do I find out who the top members are on Buxr?

Check out this Buxr Top Member's page to see some of Buxr's top contributors. You can see stats like number of deals submitted, percentage of deals rejected, topics started, comments left, and a cool stat called "reputation" which is calculated based on the number of votes a member collects with their comments.

How do I find even more info about other members?

Take a look at the user profile page which has lots of member stats like number of problems reported and fixed, percentage of "best deals" scored, friends referred, and more. Just click on any member's name to see their stats.

Buxr W9 Requirements

If you make $600 in contest winnings during the year, IRS guidelines require us to send you a 1099 form at the end of the year. In order to comply with the regulations you must fill out and send us a W9 form. You can see all your winnings for the year at this page (login required). If and when you meet this requirement we will send you an email with instructions.

The Buxr Widget FAQ

What is the Buxr Widget?

The Buxr Widget is a tool that enables publishers (bloggers/webmasters) to share the bargains we post on and earn a commission when their visitors shop using the widget.

How do I make money with the Buxr Widget?

You will earn a commission when a visitor buys a product via a link on the Buxr Widget.

How much will I earn?

The commissions you earn can vary greatly depending on your sites content, traffic, and position of the Buxr Widget. Commission rates vary by merchant and can be as high as 10% or as low as 0.5%. As a rule of thumb though we promise that we will share with you at least half and sometimes more of what the merchants pay to us.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made when your Buxr commissions exceed $25 and commission has moved from Pending to Available status. Pending commissions typically take 30 to 60 days after the purchase date to move to available. This time is allotted for product returns, refunds and fraud protection. Payments will be made monthly by check or via PayPal.

How do I get started with the Buxr Widget?

Getting started with the Buxr Widget is easy by following these steps:

  • Click here to register for an account.
  • Configure a widget to your preferences.
  • Copy and paste the widget code to your website or blog templates.
Does Buxr track impressions, clicks and commissions?

Of course we do! Clicks and impressions are tracked in real time and reported with one hour delay. Commissions are tracked and reported nightly after we receive reporting for the merchants. Some commissions may take longer to appear if the merchant reporting is delayed.

Do I get credit for new publishers that sign-up via my Buxr Widget?

Yes, any publisher referral generated through the Buxr Widget will entitle you to 10% of the revenue generated by the publisher you refer for the following 12 months! And the best part is that you don't need to do anything. The "Deals by Buxr" link in your widget already has your affiliate code. A publisher signup is considered a referral if he/she creates a Buxr account within 30 days of clicking on the link in your widget. The same browser must be used and browser cookies bust be enabled.

Is there a limit to how many widgets I can install on my site?

No there is no limit to how many widgets you can run on your site.

What publishing platforms will Buxr work with?

Buxr will work with just about any platform such as Typepad, Blogger,, Drupal, etc.

Can I run the Buxr Widget with Google Adsense?

Yes, you can absolutely run the Buxr Widget with Adsense. Google allows other advertising as long as they are not contextual.

I'm over $25 in commissions, but I still have not been paid yet?

We can not pay you until you complete the payee form. Login to your account, go to payee information and complete the form.

I think my sales are not being tracked properly?

Please contact us using this form and we will more than happy to review your account and installation.

Can I place the the Buxr Widget on a site outside of the United States?

No. All of the merchants we currently use do not ship outside the US. So placing the widget on a site outside the US would not likely result in sales. Sites that have US traffic but running outside the US might consider using the Buxr Widget to monetize that traffic.

What types of sites may I run the Buxr Widget on?

It is OK to run the Buxr Widget on most sites with a few exceptions. You can not run the Buxr Widget on adult or pornographic sites, gambling and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Buxr reserves the right to disable widget ads running on sites with material that we deem inappropriate.

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