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BOGOF at Noodles & Co

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BOGOF at Noodles & Co

added on July 7, 2008 by commencer

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No expiration date, as far as I can tell. Takes at least 24 hours for them to send the BOGOF coupon to your inbox.


First note, sandwiches is spelled wrong under tages Wink lol

Second, if you sign up for Noodles & Company's noodlegrams, you will get a BOGO free coupon! They have a variety of pasta sauces, the specifics of which depend on each location. Another thing: DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY. It says at the bottom of the coupon that they will ask for ID, but I can tell you that mine didn't for the BOGO coupon. Haven't tried the free meal yet. It has an expiration date of 10 days from when they send it to you, so you have some time from when they send you one :0)

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  • 1778
    Posted by shawndiaz on July 7, 2008
    [reply] 1 0
    I LOVE Noodles & Co.
  • 1784
    1 1 1
    Posted by MrCheap on July 7, 2008
    [reply] 1 0
    Same here. I am signed up to their newsletter already
  • 1799
    Posted by Oberon on July 7, 2008
    [reply] 0 1
    Watch out! - Newbie on the loose and they are cutting a swath through virtually every deal out there.
  • 1806
    Posted by chiko15 on July 8, 2008
    [reply] 0 2
    Commencer, are you on a rampage?!
  • 1809
    Posted by commencer on July 8, 2008 [reply] 0 0
    What is up with this Oberon character-- I see his/her comments on so many other deals all with the same whinging pattern: "x or y is voting on deals, watch- out!" OH NO! VOTING ON DEALS? THAT ISN'T THE POINT OF THE SITE, IS IT?!

    And I assume you didn't vote this deal down, did you Oberon? Couldn't be the case for you, nope!

    BTW, I've been signed up on this site since the founder asked for new members on cheapstingybargains.
  • 1816
    Posted by Oberon on July 8, 2008
    [reply] 0 1
    So I wrote this big old carefully crafted response, that was intent on making you feel welcome to the site, while also letting you know that most of us don't appreciate when a user votes negative on a bunch of stuff. Then Firefox crashed when I hit the submit button. I don't want to spend 15min writing it again so heres the short version.

    1. Its cool in the future, just hand out a few more positives in general. I'm just guessing here, but I think you did not know about the whole voting visibility thing.

    2. I can promise most of us don't hold voting grudges unless provoked on a repeated basis. (That includes me.)

    2. I was initially was intent on staying neutral on this item (I'm just not impressed much by birthday deals.), but after your actions yesterday I felt a slight leveling was needed for all of us here. The theory being that if everything has a negative vote then its as if they were not cast at all in the first place.

    4. I wanted to draw attention to you so that you would know that your current style of voting is not appreciated, and that perhaps you might be willing to change it slightly.

    5. Don't let me make you feel unwelcome, I would like to have you here posting deals, but I (but most likely all of us) would like to see you be more evenhanded as well.

    6. Everything aside, we are just a bunch of people looking to have fun and save some cash, and I think the contest is secondary to that fact for many of us. But when someone votes like you did yesterday it takes a piece of that fun away form every other person here.
    • commencer
      Posted by commencer on July 8, 2008 [reply] 0 0
      You know, I don't doubt that the above is probably your best attempt at being welcoming, but it may surprise you to learn that most people, including myself, don't appreciate being threatened. You & your little buxr mafia (imagined or real, I'll never know) can keep this site, clearly you feel like this whole thing is more SRS BIZNESS than others.
  • 1915
    Posted by Oberon on July 9, 2008 [reply] 0 0
    I truly understand where you get the impression that its all too serious here, but if you gave it more time you would discover an interesting dynamic taking place here online.

    Certainly at times members have gotten upset with each other, myself included, but those instances pass quickly with the matter becoming legend, and then the legend becoming myth. Given time such things simply become forgotten between the eternal quest for the uber-deal, the camaraderie among members, and humor that is shared here.

    I hope you choose to reconsider, this site can be a lot of fun. There is more to Buxr than simply posting, voting, and contests, and that is the key to keeping it fun and interesting.

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