Activity Badges

Listed below are all the Activity badges ever awarded to Buxr members. These badges are added to your avatar and are earned by accomplishing certain activites around Buxr. Go to the Badges Wiki to see all the badges and instructions on how to earn them.

Fanatic mommy25 2 days ago
Old Timer ramadass 3 days ago
Starter ladyevebauer 4 days ago
Curious tapac333 7 days ago
Supporter Sarah2010 7 days ago
Busy Bee mommy25 7 days ago
Autobiographer ramadass 7 days ago
Citizen Patrol WhiteHole000 8 days ago
Friend destinationunlimited 9 days ago
Curious punkprincess 10 days ago
Citizen Patrol TheBest 11 days ago
Autobiographer TheBest 11 days ago
Vox Populi midget 18 days ago
Citizen Patrol Kirkifer 19 days ago
Suffrage djhciskoski 23 days ago
Critic Kirkifer 24 days ago
Starter BalanceBikesPlus 25 days ago
Citizen Patrol debbiecraft2000 30 days ago
Autobiographer arindavis1 48 days ago
Supporter group345 49 days ago
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