Activity Badges

Listed below are all the Activity badges ever awarded to Buxr members. These badges are added to your avatar and are earned by accomplishing certain activites around Buxr. Go to the Badges Wiki to see all the badges and instructions on how to earn them.

Starter bradyraull 42 days ago
Helper tonenda 42 days ago
Helper covvin 42 days ago
Helper vaxuvaje 42 days ago
Announcer jewogu 51 days ago
Supporter Rosesmom 60 days ago
Helper Awebb112 122 days ago
Starter henkholveck 217 days ago
Autobiographer jessisimoes 262 days ago
Starter chark 307 days ago
Supporter itsmwah 311 days ago
Announcer eva5554 340 days ago
Autobiographer juandoe88 344 days ago
Autobiographer Maleahfmalcolm1 12/11/16
Autobiographer PFmama1915 11/27/16
Old Timer vectra5 11/24/16
Announcer SuperDave 11/10/16
Rookie moneyhoodblog 10/17/16
Autobiographer kerryleko 10/17/16
Supporter sillywabbit 09/11/16
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