Activity Badges

Listed below are all the Activity badges ever awarded to Buxr members. These badges are added to your avatar and are earned by accomplishing certain activites around Buxr. Go to the Badges Wiki to see all the badges and instructions on how to earn them.

Starter technodepot 29 days ago
Suffrage StarWarrior 35 days ago
Starter Viscant 37 days ago
Starter lpalmerp 54 days ago
Starter drewes17 64 days ago
Rookie Pennydaze 67 days ago
Starter GSWeb 69 days ago
Enthusiast Pennydaze 74 days ago
Civic Duty jessisimoes 91 days ago
Helper Pennydaze 101 days ago
Rookie StarWarrior 101 days ago
Critic alamadre 107 days ago
Busy Bee clover 108 days ago
Editor alamadre 112 days ago
Citizen Patrol Pennydaze 123 days ago
Electorate Pennydaze 126 days ago
Enthusiast StarWarrior 127 days ago
Civic Duty Pennydaze 130 days ago
Autobiographer Pennydaze 131 days ago
Starter Pennydaze 132 days ago
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