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Sharing Economy – What Can You Share?

July 13th, 2015

shareWe’ve written a number of blog posts on various aspects of sharing, most recently in this post about how a sharing economy saves money. Sharing works best with more expensive items that owners do not make full use of. Available time and desire to generate income then creates a market for them. Two obvious examples of the sharing economy are vacation time shares and selling excess solar power back to the electric power grid.

The abundance of GPS enabled smart phones has spurred the growth of sharing economy and made it possible to share more things with more people. The following are 22 ways you can share goods, services, transportation, space, and money. See if any of them work for you, and let us know in the comments to this blog post.

  1. Shared community garden space and seed swapping
  2. Crowdfunding for projects, entrepreneursinventors, or charities
  3. Peer-to-peer lending and student loan refinancing
  4. Family cell phone plans
  5. Wifi sharing creates a crowdsourced network where everyone who contributes connects for free
  6. Fashion apparel bought and sold through virtual shopping parties with phone app Poshmark
  7. Music or other lessons
  8. Musical instruments
  9. Babysitting cooperatives
  10. Dogwalking services
  11. Fitness training and club memberships
  12. Carpooling and ride sharing
  13. Rent or list bicycles, surfboards, or snowboards through global Spinlister
  14. Unused office space and equipment
  15. Minimum purchase discounts or buy-one-get-one deals
  16. Bulk purchases
  17. Home and garden tools
  18. Parking spaces; rent out cars parked at select airports through Flightcar
  19. Storage space
  20. Construction equipment through a platform like Getable, currently offered in the San Francisco area
  21. Earn time credits by time banking, or “paying it forward”
  22. Open education resources

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