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Buxr Android app is Live!

October 12th, 2014

Today is the day which many people in the Buxr community and I personally have been waiting for some time. After several months of hard work and sleepless nights, we have just released the first version of Buxr app for Android phones.

The app is fairly simple at the moment; it allows you to browse deals and look up coupons by store, but this is just a start. I plan to add more functionality, things like posting comments on deals and browsing coupons by popular tags (all printable Grocery coupons in one list anyone?).

Why do I need an app?

Doesn’t the website have everything I need? You are right, you can open on your mobile phone and do everything you can do with the app. However the website doesn’t scale well on the small phone screen and it can be hard to navigate it to find what you want.

As smart phones become more popular, the need for an alternative becomes more pressing. Many of my friends spend more time with their smartphones than at a computer. And so, last January I challenged myself to program an app by the year end and this is what I have been doing during my work commute.

Why Android and not iPhone?

I am not very familiar with programming for iPhone, and I personally have always had an Android phone, so the decision was a fairly easy one. Will there be a Buxr iPhone app? Absolutely! I am making it my New Year’s resolution for 2015! :-)

If Android app turns out a success, if you use it and find it helpful, then it will give me motivation to work on the iPhone version. How do I know you use it? Please go the app page on Google Play store and leave feedback!

How do I get started?

Let’s say you are shopping at the Party City for a Halloween costume and would like to find a printable coupon. Here is a series of screen shots that shows how you can do it using the app:

1. Select “Coupons” tab 2. Click “Search” icon 3. Select “Party City”
screen-03 (WinCE) screen-06 (WinCE) screen-07 (WinCE)
4. Go to “in-store” tab 5. Choose coupon you like 6. Click coupon title to open it
screen-13 (WinCE) Open the coupon Click to the coupon at

In conclusion

I would like to thank my friends and Buxr members who helped me test the app, and everyone else at Buxr for your support. This is your day as well, and I am grateful to you for your help!

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