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Presenting Carnival of Money Stories

April 19th, 2010

dollar-rhinoWelcome to the 50th Carnival of Money Stories! For those unaware, the Carnival of Money Stories is a series of weekly posts hosted by various blogs in which the participants share their stories/experiences with money.

When I read a blog carnival, I usually scan the entries and read those with titles that grab my attention. This approach has a problem since a lot depends on how creative the writer is with the blog title. To help you make a more informative decision about what to read, for this carnival I decided to include with each entry a sentence or two that highlight the writer’s style and give you an idea of what to expect. I also grouped the articles by different areas of finance and started off the whole thing by selecting five “editor’s choice” articles, which are the ones I happened to enjoy the most out of all of the submissions.

By the way, if you have a blog and write about money – Carnival of Money Stories is looking for future hosts. You can apply at the official carnival site.

Editor’s Picks

We called up HP and asked if there was anything they could do. We don’t want to recycle a perfectly good printer that simply needs two parts the size of a deck of cards – it is a waste and it’s not environmentally friendly. HP told us that was the only option.
Hewlett-Packard Hates the Environment and Your Wallet ( @ Lazy Man and Money )

Yoda says: “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try…” Put a stop to your trying right now and do! We all are faced with difficult circumstances. Yes, some are more difficult than others, but we must move past them, talk less about trying and have more doing in our lives.
Wisdom of Yoda: Personal Finance Lessons (@ Christian PF )

He was the perfect renter. He paid on time, cleaned up after himself, and stayed over at his girl friend’s house more often than he was ever around ours. He stayed for a little more than a year. Dude, if you’re reading this, we miss you.
Need Money? Have an Extra Bedroom? ( @ Budgeting is the Fun Stuff )

“We could buy it in honor of Irvin,” we said. “He would be so proud of seeing his grandkids and great grandkids enjoy an Airstream!” So we bought it, and spent money on it and spent more money on it. And could easily spend a bunch more money on it.
Airstream Saga Continues: Jan and I Second Guess Our Decision (@ Personal Finance by the Book)

I read a dated (2002) report on some things with Quicken Security. What I found most interesting was this statement from the abstract: “I’ve found that the password protection used by Quicken is easily reversed with the purchase of a $30 password cracking application.”
Passwords Security | How To Safely Store Passwords ( @ Money Help For Christians )

Your Home

I can’t believe it, someone’s actually selling a house in our area instead of foreclosing! The heavens have opened and are smiling upon us ;) It sounds sad, but seriously – this gives our neighborhood so much hope. We’ll actually be able to tell what our houses are WORTH now since they’re pretty much exact molds of each other.
Our Neighbor’s House Is For Sale! ( @ Budgets are Sexy )

I have learned my lesson. I would rather pay $1,000 and not lift a finger—I was so anxious the night before and so defeated for the two days it took to move that I don’t want to ever feel that way again. This is another one of those times where money helps. It’s one of the good reasons we have for wanting to have more of it.
Paying for Movers: Is it Worth It? ( @ The Writer’s Coin )

One of the major reasons why people seem to want new homes… is because they want more space, more room, more square footage—more home. Of course along with “more home” comes more upkeep, more heating and cooling expenses, and more square footage for potential future repairs
5 Tips to Make Your Home Seem Bigger ( @ The Sun’s Financial Diary )

Your Business

You might be thinking this is simple stuff, anyone can figure it out. Yet, you would be surprised at the chiropractors I speak with who either don’t know how to figure simple stats or if they know how, simply don’t keep any numbers for their practice.
Chiropractic Math and The Struggling Practice ( @ Chiropractic Marketing Mastery )

Your Kids

If the schools are really unacceptable, I would consider homeschooling. Why not? The money you save by living in a cheaper house could obviate the need for one parent to work. I would hate to do this myself, but there are many passionate homeschoolers.
Kids & Costs: Another point of view ( @ Funny about Money )

Your Taxes

Based on US pop culture it is easy to think that every rich, James-Bond like American has an account in the Cayman Islands worth millions of dollars. Apparently the IRS has been watching these movies as well, as they are going after these accounts, which number in the tens of thousands.
IRS Closing in on Tax Cheaters ( @ My Dollar Plan )

Your Budget

The concept that saving a little everyday will add up to a lot over time is definitely sound. However, the fallacy in “eliminating the latte factor will make you a millionaire” is that those who cut out their morning coffee or newspaper usually do not save that money at all.
3 Reasons Why Keeping Your “Latte Factor” Will Help You Save Money (@ Wisebread )

A budget that doesn’t balance is not sustainable. That’s a mathematical fact. You can ignore it for a while, but the piper will eventually get paid. We would rather pay on our own terms rather than those that will inevitably be forced upon us at some point in the future.
What If Your Budget Doesn’t Balance? ( @ Balance Junkie )

As someone with a bunch of regular expenses, I know that they add up. I also know that you’d have to pry my laptop from my cold, dead fingers before I’d voluntarily give up the internet. In my husband’s case, cable is a necessity. How do you choose between one recurring expense and another? Prioritize.
Recurring Expenses Will Kill Your Budget-Choose Wisely ( @ Free From Broke )

But what if you arenʼt aware of the bad things youʼre doing that are wrecking your finances in the first place? If you arenʼt sure of the cause of the problems, but trying to fix them, itʼs like putting a band-aid on a major wound.
5 Ways You Are Wrecking Your Finances ( @ Single Guy Money )

Credit Cards

As you can see, cash advances are a pretty convenient way to get quick cash. However, these types of withdrawals are discouraged because of the high rate of interest applied to these balances, associated fees, and the method with which some card companies used to incur interest and apply payments.
Credit Card Cash Advance: Bad Financial Move or Good Emergency Plan? ( @ ptMoney )

Record Keeping

The best filing system is your filing system, one tailored to your needs and tendencies. If you prefer a year-based system, use a year-based system. If it’s easier for you to find and file documents based on asset, you’ll want an asset based system.
How To Organize Electronic Financial Documents ( @ Bargaineering )


So to make things simple, we can blame: bad luck, bad preparation and bad choices. But under bad luck, bad health is cited as the #1 cause of bankruptcy! I was a bit surprised by that because this was one time one could actually blame the heavens or fate for one’s dire straits.
Personal Bankruptcy: The Only 3 Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt ( @ The Digerati Life )

I have been thinking about it for a while and I realized that my money and how much or little of it I posses doesn’t define me. I am not defined by money and I try not define anyone else by theirs. I see no problems in displaying my net worth because if you want to judge me by the number of zeros on my bank account I don’t need you around.
Mind Over Money ( @ Suburban Dollar )

Stay Under Your Minutes: Nothing drives me more crazy then to see a big fat charge on my cell phone bill because we went over our minutes. If this is an habitual problem, you’ll want to either change cell phone plans or cut your talk time.
15 Ways to Slash Your Cell Phone Bill ( @ Dough Roller )

Image credit: ChesisBest @ Flickr

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