Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Ideas

Valentine’s-Day-GiftWith almost 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day, we at Buxr are going to help you get an early start on gifts this year! Instead of the usual candy and flowers, here’s your chance to surprise your loved ones with something special. And choosing the perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive to show your love, you just need to think “outside the candy box.” Having a little extra time to plan or use a little creativity to find just the right gift will pay off in cash savings, since last-minute shopping can cost us extra in shipping fees or other charges.

Valentine’s Day February 14 falls on a Saturday this year with the President’s Day holiday on the following Monday February 16, making it a rare opportunity for a long weekend getaway and you’ll have the time to plan something special. Take a romantic trip to the place where you met your sweetheart or celebrated an anniversary, or any place that has some special significance for you both. Hopefully reduced fuel costs will result in a drop in airfare. Virgin Airlines is the first to announce a savings, and other airlines may follow suit. You can get a low fare alert from sites like Airfarewatchdog.

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The Holiday Gift to Rule Them All

gift cardsDid you know that gift cards have become the number one requested item on holiday and birthday wish lists? No longer considered impersonal, they’re now a popular and practical gift choice for consumers of all ages, as this recent CashStar survey revealed. Last minute shoppers can pick them up at many retailers, grocery stores or other third-party locations, as well as order digital cards online or on their phones for instant delivery by email, text message, app or Facebook. Starbucks anticipated record-breaking sales of their gift cards to last minute shoppers. But gift cards still aren’t always the perfect match for recipients, who may want to swap them anyway, creating a lucrative secondary gift card market. In past blog posts, we’ve looked at gift cards from both perspectives, reviewing the best places to get rid of unwanted cards as well as the best places to buy them at a discount. With new options and retail exchange partners joining the field, it’s time to review them again.

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Top 10 Most Returned Christmas Gifts

BadSweaterGiftEven after we pretend to love them, there are always some Christmas gifts that don’t fit, don’t match, or just don’t please us, and we end up having to take them back for a refund or exchange. According to this article, $60 billion worth of gifts will be returned! In fact, there are some gifts that are always high on the list of returns every year. Here are our top ten, along with the reasons why they’re not popular and why you should probably avoid giving them next year.

  1. Apparel – Although it sounds easy, it’s actually very difficult to buy someone else a gift of clothing. The size, color, or fabric may be the wrong choice, or they may prefer a different brand or style. Various surveys reported that 62%-74% of the respondents returned clothing and shoes, and that’s confirmed by a study from Kohl’s that found clothes and shoes to be the most returned Christmas presents for that retailer.
  2. (more…)

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January Contest Results

The month of December is over and it is time for our usual monthly wrap-up when we look back at what happened during the past month, announce our contest winners, and also give you a heads up at what is coming.

Monthly Contest Results

CouponNut finishes first this month followed by laaya and onkarkulkarni in the seconds and third place. Congratulations guys! Here is the complete list of this month’s winners and prizes:

1. CouponNut (641 Points): $70
2. laaya (581 Points): $50
3. onkarkulkarni (580 Points): $50
4. bemicmom (563 Points): $35
5. anand (558 Points): $35
6. djhciskoski (556 Points): $35
7. mommy25 (539 Points): $35
8. mdshopper1 (536 Points): $25
9. clover (526 Points): $25
10. siggy38 (520 Points): $25
11. 2kidsnuts (495 Points): $25
12. Version (489 Points): $10
13. psplove (455 Points): $10
14. Goofy_Girl (452 Points): $10
15. lootango (451 Points): $10


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Buxr Android App – New Features

Did you know Buxr has an Android App? Yes, it does! If you have an Android smartphone you can install it from Google Play Store here, and take Buxr with you everywhere you go. This can be very useful when you are in a store and need a printable coupon at checkout. If you missed the original launch announcement, please read this blog post. It describes why we chose Android rather than Apple (iPhone), and answers many more questions.

Today we are rolling out a new update to our Android app. It is actually the second update however since I didn’t cover the first one I will summarize in this blog post the features added with both of the updates.

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