Free Pharmacy Discount Cards for Pets (and Humans)

petcardIf you’re like many pet lovers, you consider your pets to be part of your family and you’re willing to spend more to keep them happy and healthy.  In 2014, Americans spent $58 billion on their 397 million pets, about 5 times more than they spent on movie tickets for themselves in the same year! Specialized premium foods and preventive care medications that can add quality years to their lives are getting so expensive that it’s worthwhile looking for ways to cut costs.

Normally prescriptions are dispensed directly by veterinarians during your pet’s diagnostic examination, and these are quite expensive. After several costly visits to the vet with long-term prescriptions, I found myself fantasizing about claiming the furry beasts as dependents on my medical insurance (read this discussion for details). While that’s not possible, it inspired me to research my options and I discovered that there were indeed ways to save. We’ve already explored the cost of true pet insurance in a previous blog post, but this time I just wanted to reduce the drug charges without paying any extra premiums. If your pet’s medications are the same ones that would also be used to treat human conditions, you can ask your veterinarian for a written prescription to use at a participating pharmacy instead, along with a free prescription discount card. This is really a big help if your pets need the medicine for chronic conditions. You’ll pay 40%-75% less for generic equivalents of medications prescribed for infections, allergies, pain relief, diabetes and even anti-depressants for behavioral disorders in animals.

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Top 12 All-Inclusive Family Vacations in the U.S.

family-road-tripAre you looking for affordable travel destinations for your entire family? You might assume that all-inclusive plans would be expensive, but we’ve searched the options for you and found the best ones that are budget-friendly, too. All-inclusive trips are great no-hassle escapes that guarantee you won’t be bothered with little details and the kids will have plenty to do. You can expect lodging, food, drink, entertainment, on-site activities, and complimentary excursions to be included in your package.

We’ve found a dozen selections in the U.S. for your consideration, based on customer reviews posted on travel sites and amenities listed on the resorts’ sites. We tried to keep the total cost per adult under $1,000 for a four-night stay or longer, with activities and at least two meals per day included. The cost for children is cheaper, and some places even allow children to stay for free. Here are our choices, organized by type.

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March Contest Results

The month of March is over and it is time for our usual monthly wrap-up when we look back at what happened during the past month, announce our contest winners, and also give you a heads up at what is coming.

Monthly Contest Results

CouponNut finishes first this month followed by onkarkulkarni and bemicmom in the seconds and third place. Congratulations guys! Here is the complete list of this month’s winners and prizes:

1. CouponNut (603 Points): $70
2. onkarkulkarni (558 Points): $50
3. bemicmom (508 Points): $50
4. anand (496 Points): $35
5. 2kidsnuts (457 Points): $35
6. mdshopper1 (456 Points): $35
7. clover (453 Points): $35
8. laaya (449 Points): $25
9. siggy38 (448 Points): $25
10. djhciskoski (441 Points): $25
11. lootango (419 Points): $25
12. mommy25 (399 Points): $10
13. Version (347 Points): $10
14. gabyperu (346 Points): $10
15. Goofy_Girl (330 Points): $10


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Easter

Happy EasterAlthough Easter is an important religious holiday worldwide, the celebration is intertwined with many other customs that may have been rooted in earlier pagan traditions. Together they honor renewal, rebirth, and the continuation of life. Here are ten interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Easter.

  1. Easter falls on a different date every year, the first Sunday after the full Moon following the Vernal Equinox. Easter is always observed in the spring between March 22 and April 25, during a time of the earth’s renewal after a long, cold winter.
  2. The name “Easter” comes from the goddess Eostre, according to one source. She was the Mother Goddess of the Saxons of Northern Europe, the “goddess of the growing light of spring.”
  3. Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten warm with butter on Good Friday. They were originally wheat cakes baked by early Anglo-Saxons in honor of the goddess of springtime; later the church substituted sweet breads and blessed them. Here is an easy recipe for the buns and a coupon for the flour.
  4. (more…)

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Why You Should Never Pay for Credit Reports

FreeCreditReportMost consumers never check their credit report unless they want to get a loan or they’ve been denied credit. Then, if they looked online to find their FICO score, they would end up paying for one of the plans posted here, without any guarantee that the score they’ll get is the one actually used to determine their credit worthiness. If they searched the Web for “credit report,” they would find promotions for fee-based credit-monitoring services directly from the three credit reporting companies – the same ones that are required by law to provide them a free annual report. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion each offer a trial period tied to their subscription monitoring service, with no mention of free reports. What consumers may not realize is that there is a government clearinghouse at to actually get a free report from each of these companies once a year. If each report is requested separately, they can use this service to monitor their credit files every four months.

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