Sharing Economy – What Can You Share?

shareWe’ve written a number of blog posts on various aspects of sharing, most recently in this post about how a sharing economy saves money. Sharing works best with more expensive items that owners do not make full use of. Available time and desire to generate income then creates a market for them. Two obvious examples of the sharing economy are vacation time shares and selling excess solar power back to the electric power grid.

The abundance of GPS enabled smart phones has spurred the growth of sharing economy and made it possible to share more things with more people. The following are 22 ways you can share goods, services, transportation, space, and money. See if any of them work for you, and let us know in the comments to this blog post.

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June Contest Results

The month of June is over and it is time for our usual monthly wrap-up when we look back at what happened during the past month, announce our contest winners, and also give you a heads up at what is coming.

Monthly Contest Results

djhciskoski finishes first this month followed by clover and CouponNut in the seconds and third place. Congratulations guys! Here is the complete list of this month’s winners and prizes:

1. djhciskoski (305 Points): $50
2. clover (291 Points): $40
3. CouponNut (256 Points): $40
4. laaya (194 Points): $25
5. mdshopper1 (194 Points): $25
6. 2kidsnuts (184 Points): $25
7. mommy25 (180 Points): $25
8. psplove (166 Points): $10
9. Goofy_Girl (132 Points): $10
10. lootango (131 Points): $10


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Are Grocery Delivery Services Worth Trying?

grocerybag2With the growth of grocery delivery services, there are a lot of reasons to try them: they can save time by reducing a 5-hour shopping trip to a few minutes online, cut down on impulse buying, and make it easy to find special products that are kosher, organic, gluten-free, or sugar-free. Most services have mobile apps so you can add to or change your order on the go, and some offer online specials and digital coupons. They’re a great way to plan meal lists and easily track how much you spend on groceries.

On the other hand, you’ll likely pay higher prices for the products, you can’t handpick your produce, and you may still need to go out to buy perishables like milk and bread. Delivery varies by service and can take a few hours or days, shipping fees are reduced by placing larger orders in advance, and new or frequent shoppers can save with discounted or free delivery codes. Delivery services may be best used to complement regular grocery store trips, rather than replace them entirely.

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20 Ways to Save on Amusement Parks

theme-park2Amusement parks are popular family vacation destinations that are both fun and expensive. The cost of admission tickets, parking, food, and souvenirs can add up fast and create a big drain on your wallet. But we have some tips that will help you take your family (and not your budget) for a ride.

  1. If you plan to go to an amusement park more than once this summer it’s well worth investing in a season pass. These passes will pay for themselves after 2 visits, making the rest of the season free.  Some parks even include other perks for pass holders, such as discounted parking and merchandise, early access to attractions, events for pass holders only, and discounted or free tickets for friends on select days, helping you save even more money.
  2. (more…)

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15 Ways to Save Money on Your Coffee Habit

storage-jar-coffee-cashThe number of people who enjoy an average of two cups of coffee every day is definitely on the rise, although the actual number varies based on whose survey results you read. The National Coffee Association reports 61% of us drink coffee daily while Zagat says it’s more like 82% of the 1500 people they surveyed this year. There’s also an increase in gourmet coffee consumption and the price paid for barista-prepared beverages. That means we’re spending $2,000 to $3,000 a year or more on our coffee habit.

Whether you get your daily gourmet coffee at Starbucks or the local coffee shop on the way to work, you don’t have to pay full price for expensive lattes or specialty drinks. Here are our suggestions to save some money.

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