Roundup of Free Gift with Purchase Promotions

free-gift-w-purchaseMy wife never goes shopping for cosmetics unless she can find a good “free gift with purchase” promotion. Sometimes she uses the gifts herself and sometimes she gives them to her relatives and close friends. These sets are usually reduced size products and are very good for use when you are on the go. Many brands run these promotions regularly and so it makes perfect sense to time your next trip to the store with one. Below is our roundup of several promotions going right now in the stores around the US.

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Would You Get a Tattoo for Free Food or Discount?

Tattoo_for_LifeHow far are you willing to go to get a deal? Would you agree to get a permanent tattoo? How long is “for life” if the business closes, and you have that tattoo forever? I love a good deal, but I have to say that’s more than I’m willing to do! We found ten cases where folks got tattoos in exchange for some compensation. Did they regret it? You can decide for yourself when you read the details. In some cases, they may possibly be looking for a discount deal on laser tattoo removal.

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August Contest Results

The month of August is over and it is time for our usual monthly wrap-up when we look back at what happened during the past month, announce our contest winners, and also give you a heads up at what is coming.

Monthly Contest Results

CouponNut is the winner of this month’s contest followed by anand and djhciskoski in the second and third place. Congratulations guys! Here is the complete list of this month’s winners and prizes:

1. CouponNut (674 Points): $70
2. anand (641 Points): $50
3. djhciskoski (632 Points): $50
4. onkarkulkarni (616 Points): $35
5. clover (614 Points): $35
6. siggy38 (563 Points): $35
7. laaya (504 Points): $35
8. Version (480 Points): $25
9. 2kidsnuts (471 Points): $25
10. mdshopper1 (458 Points): $25
11. midget (440 Points): $25
12. lootango (431 Points): $10
13. mommy25 (425 Points): $10
14. psplove (417 Points): $10
15. sandyshore (213 Points): $10


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How I learned that “cheap” can be too cheap

price vs qualityRecently, I nearly wasted my money on several sales offered by reputable national retailers, and the experience served to remind me that a true bargain is not always just about paying the cheapest rock-bottom price. I usually try to find the deals that give me good quality products for the best price, or good value for my money. In a previous Buxr blog post, we listed 20 items that are worth paying more for. I’ve learned first-hand over the years that buying the cheapest products can sometimes end up costing more money in the long run; and what I really want is the best balance between price and quality.

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Laptop Alternatives for Back to School

select-a-laptopWhich portable computer is best to send back to school with your student? Unless their school specifically requires a Windows laptop, there are a lot more choices this year at affordable prices. As middle and high schools integrate technology into their curriculum, many are allowing the students to bring their own devices. And every college student will pack one as well.

Which one should you buy? We’ll show you the differences between them, but the final choice will depend on your budget and what capability is required.

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