Your Cellphone Contract Ends, Now What?

cell-carriersIf you’ve finally reached the end of your smartphone contract, what are your options? You certainly don’t have to renew. A lot has changed recently, and the competition between wireless service providers, particularly on shared plans from AT&T and Verizon, has shifted in the customer’s favor, making it well worth your while to shop around for the best savings.

Basically, what you can do boils down to these three choices:

  • Buy a new phone – In the past, you could start a new contract to get a new phone at a fraction of the cost, but note that phone subsidies are on the way out and companies are looking for ways to charge you full price for the phones. Or you can take the cheapest service plan and find yourself a deal on unlocked phones at Amazon, Walmart, or Virgin Mobile. If you go with the last generation phones, you’ll get essentially the same technology at a cheaper price.
  • Buy a used phone – Many people sell fully functional phones after only a short time through eBay, or you can find refurbished preowned models on sites like Swappa, MobileKarma, or Gamestop. See good tips at this link. For $2.99 you can check the history of any used device at CheckMEND to make sure it’s not stolen.
  • Keep your old phone – It was once the latest model when you bought it, and may have great features that you still like. You can continue your current plan with no contract, switch to another provider, or find a prepaid no-contract plan. It all depends on your needs, but most customers who switch to a prepaid plan are able to cut their cell phone bill in half. Verizon, the provider with the best coverage, has even launched its own BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) flexible prepaid plans with no contract or activation fee, see details here.

When your contract ends, you’re not obligated to renew it unless you want to get a new phone and stay with your current provider. Being off-contract gives you the flexibility to take advantage of special promotions and switch plans. If you do sign a contract, wait until the end of the quarter so you can get any special deals designed to boost sales for that quarter. Choosing the cheapest phone plan is not easy, and can be a real headache. This is your chance to save some money on your wireless service, but there are several things you should check out before switching.

  • Coverage – There are only four nationwide providers that are host networks – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. All of the smaller MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) may offer attractive and competitive discounts, but they all lease from and provide their service through one of these four host networks. So be sure to check coverage first, your location will dictate which of these options are viable for you.
  • Features – You have to decide which features are important to you, because all plans are not equal. For example, T-Mobile is the only company that supports free wi-fi calling from anywhere in the world. This is very handy if you’re in an area with a poor signal or no coverage, but it only works with select phone models. A drawback to switching from T-Mobile’s prepaid to postpaid plans is that the conditional call forwarding feature is disabled, so you wouldn’t be able to use Google Voice for voicemail.
  • Phone Compatibility – Verizon, Sprint and their associated providers are CDMA compatible, while AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM. So if you’re using your old phone on a new network, you have to make sure it can work.
  • ETF – If your contract is still in effect, your Early Termination Fees can be prohibitive. To offset that problem, T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier 4.0 Plans also come with the offer to buy back phones and pay ETFs up to $350 per line.
  • Comparison Tools – If you find this all very confusing, so do we! Maybe these links will help: Consumer Reports, Wall Street Journal’s Wireless Savings Calculator, Time comparison, My Rate Plan, Phone Arena plan comparison, and the best cheap prepaid plans you’ve never heard of.

Interesting Trivia

  • Save the monthly charge for text messaging by using a free app like TextMe or Pinger. It will add unlimited free SMS texting and calling to any Apple or Android device.
  • You can earn free wireless service with Solavei by advertising on social media. Every referral earns a $5 discount, see their rate plan data calculator. This service requires GSM phones compatible with T-Mobile.
  • Cricket will merge with AT&T’’s Aio and become the new Cricket, see details here.
  • Ting supports Sprint CDMA phones and is owned by TUCOWS.
  • It’s interesting to note FreedomPop’s free cell phone plan launched in beta last fall with 200 minutes of talk time, 500 texts (and unlimited texting between FreedomPop subscribers), and 500 MB of free 3G/4G data. Two other plans are available for $7.99 and $10.99 per month. So far, service is spotty with limited phone compatibility, but it’s a concept worth watching. It’s backed by the founder of Skype.

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How to Get More Food at Chipotle for No Extra Cost

chipotlemealChipotle Mexican Grill is known for generous portions and affordable food. You can choose any combination of ingredients for your burrito, bowl, tacos, or salad. Your food is prepared exactly the way you want it and handed to you almost instantly. The price of each item is based on your choice of chicken, pork carnitas, barbacoa, steak, or vegetarian. Additional free toppings include rice, beans, four types of salsa, sour cream, cheese, or lettuce. Many of their regular customers and even ex-employees have posted online some favorite tips to help you get the most for your money. We’ve rounded up 12 suggestions in this blog post.

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March Contest Results

The month of March is over and it is time for our usual monthly wrap-up when we look back at what happened during the past month, announce our contest winners, and also give you a heads up at what is coming.

Monthly Contest Results

CouponNut is the winner of this month’s contest followed by onkarkulkarni and clover in the second and third place. Congratulations guys! Here is the complete list of this month’s winners and prizes:

1. CouponNut (1028 Points): $100
2. onkarkulkarni (992 Points): $75
3. clover (959 Points): $75
4. roxytang (906 Points): $50
5. equipurple (903 Points): $50
6. bemicmom (884 Points): $50
7. supergirl (868 Points): $50
8. anand (838 Points): $50
9. laaya (827 Points): $50
10. djhciskoski (813 Points): $25
11. siggy38 (803 Points): $25
12. Supermom (762 Points): $25 — Mouse Pad
13. gadhasing (757 Points): $25
14. Version (753 Points): $25
15. gabyperu (615 Points): $25


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10 Tax Deductions You May be Overlooking

Close up view of the income tax returnThe deadline for filing 2013 income tax returns is only two weeks away. In previous blog posts we’ve shared free tax-filing options and ways to spend your refund. Today we’re listing 10 areas in which there are possible credits or deductions that are often overlooked. Check these out and see if you’re eligible to take advantage of any of them. Note there is a difference between tax credits (which reduce the amount of tax you pay) and tax deductions (which lower your taxable income).

Child Care

The child and dependent tax credit can help ease some of the costs of daycare, babysitters, and after-school programs for children younger than 13. This applies to expenses for adopting children as well. Parents can set aside pre-tax money up to $5,000 in flexible spending accounts through their employer for childcare expenses. You’ll also need to collect the tax ID or Social Security numbers of all the care providers to claim this deduction. You may also be eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit, based on these limits. This is a refundable tax credit. If you were eligible to claim the credit in the past but are among the 25% who didn’t, you can file any time during the year to claim an EITC refund for up to three previous tax years.

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How to Make Cheap Cuts of Meat Taste Good

grill-meatMeat prices can certainly strain anybody’s food budget, when meat is typically the most expensive item on the list. But there are lots of ways you can include great-tasting meat dishes on your menu for less money. While beef chuck roast, pork shoulder and chicken quarters are some of the cheapest cuts of meat available, they can be bland, tough and chewy unless you know the right tricks to cook and season them. With our tips, you can use inexpensive and under-appreciated cuts of meat to make tender and tasty dishes.

  • Look for sales to buy meat in bulk and cut the meal-size portions yourself. Instead of buying pre-cut meat for kabobs, stew or stir-fry, save money by buying steaks or roasts and cut them into cubes or strips. Meat can be frozen for months, if properly wrapped in butcher or freezer paper. The waxy side of the paper should face the meat, with the dull side out. Wrap your cut of meat tightly in this paper, tape it shut, and wrap the whole package in an airtight layer of aluminum foil. The foil can be reused on future batches of frozen meat.
  • (more…)

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