Why You Should Never Pay for Credit Reports

FreeCreditReportMost consumers never check their credit report unless they want to get a loan or they’ve been denied credit. Then, if they looked online to find their FICO score, they would end up paying for one of the plans posted here, without any guarantee that the score they’ll get is the one actually used to determine their credit worthiness. If they searched the Web for “credit report,” they would find promotions for fee-based credit-monitoring services directly from the three credit reporting companies – the same ones that are required by law to provide them a free annual report. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion each offer a trial period tied to their subscription monitoring service, with no mention of free reports. What consumers may not realize is that there is a government clearinghouse at AnnualCreditReport.com to actually get a free report from each of these companies once a year. If each report is requested separately, they can use this service to monitor their credit files every four months.

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Does the Origin of Your Purchases Matter to You?

sustainableDo you care where the products you buy come from? Does knowing their origin affect your decision to buy them, or is cost the only consideration? A small number of consumers have always sought out some sustainable products, even when they were not mainstream, and previous Buxr blog posts have listed the best places to save on natural beauty products, finding organic foods and eating healthy on a budget. But when it comes to fashion, the idea of buying trendy, seasonal products at an affordable price appealed more to shoppers than those products whose manufacturing process addressed social and environmental issues.

Today’s consumers are more conscious about social issues. The news of a 2013 clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh increased public awareness of deplorable social and environmental issues (read our analysis here) and global apparel retailers were forced to examine their supply chains. Large stores like Amazon and Walmart are adding more sustainable goods to the shelves, and more companies are stepping up.

We have compiled a list of businesses that have made a big commitment to providing a wide variety of eco-friendly products and who follow sustainable / ethical practices. How do you feel about buying fair trade or renewable products from eco-friendly companies? Join discussion here to take our poll or if you want to suggest to our list more stores that follow the suit.

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Earn Cash Back with 7 Free Shopping Apps

I got curious about shopping apps after reading a recent Buxr discussion topic, and decided to try several of the apps myself.  I was both surprised and pleased at the options they offered. Since they’re actually offering rebates and not coupons, I’m able to stack them with sales and traditional or digital coupons for more savings, and in a few cases I was even able to submit my receipts to several apps that offered a rebate on the same products!

Each of the 7 apps below have different features and participating stores, so I found it very worthwhile to use several of them.  All of these apps are free, and are available for iOS and Android mobile devices that have a camera.


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February Contest Results

The month of February is over and it is time for our usual monthly wrap-up when we look back at what happened during the past month, announce our contest winners, and also give you a heads up at what is coming.

Monthly Contest Results

bemicmom finishes first this month followed by CouponNut and laaya in the seconds and third place. Congratulations guys! Here is the complete list of this month’s winners and prizes:

1. bemicmom (684 Points): $70
2. CouponNut (571 Points): $50
3. laaya (499 Points): $50
4. onkarkulkarni (481 Points): $35
5. siggy38 (479 Points): $35
6. anand (463 Points): $35
7. mdshopper1 (460 Points): $35
8. djhciskoski (449 Points): $25
9. 2kidsnuts (418 Points): $25
10. clover (418 Points): $25
11. Version (378 Points): $25
12. lootango (367 Points): $10
13. Goofy_Girl (354 Points): $10
14. psplove (348 Points): $10
15. sandyshore (330 Points): $10


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Too Many Loyalty Cards? Here is a Solution

loyal_cardsIt has been nearly 4 years since we wrote about whether store loyalty programs were worth having.  I decided back then that trading some personal information to merchants in exchange for the benefits of getting discounts or other rewards was well worth it to me. But I’ve collected so many of them that the sheer number of cards and tags is beginning to drive me crazy! I’ve accumulated every kind of card from grocery stores, restaurants, craft stores, office supply stores, and more. And invariably when I’m out shopping, I discover that I’ve left the very cards I need at home. So I decided it was time to clean out my wallet and keyrings, and put every card into a convenient phone app.

In that previous blog post, we mentioned two apps, CardStar and KeyRing. Since that time, wallet apps and other organizers have come and gone, but in my opinion those two are still the best.  Here are the features of several good choices, so you can decide which one best suits your needs. I found it very easy to add cards to all of them, even successfully adding my library and museum membership cards. Your choice will likely be made based on the extra features.


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